Electric Collar

Electric Collar

Electric Collar is a work of fiction.

“What is it that you want pet” asked Goddess Haylee Lynn to one of her most loyal and trusted slaves.

“I wish I could be a better slave” he replied.

“That is good. In what ways do you want to be a better slave?” She continues, in her soft and velvety voice.

“Well generally. I wish I gave you a tribute more regularly. I wish I could give up alcohol. I wish I ate more healthy food.”

“Those are good aims. I have something that may help. I have an electronic collar. You can purchase it from me. You put it on. You will receive an electric shock every time you you do something wrong. You will soon be trained by it. Is that something you would like?”

“Yes please Goddess.”

So it was all agreed. The slave paid the price for the collar, paying in the most efficient way for his Goddess, by making the payment via John David.

Haylee Lynn continued with the hypnosis session he had paid for. He had regular sessions with her.

The collar eventually arrived.

The electric collar finally arrived.

The electric collar finally arrived.

Goddess arranged a collaring ceremony, where, in front of the camera, the slave put it on, and swore undying loyalty to his Goddess, and promised never to take it off without her permission.

It felt good around his neck. He felt so good to belong to Goddess. In order to show his keenness to please Goddess he went for a little run. Returning later, he set about a little snack. “After all I have deserved it” he told himself. He made himself a coffee and cut himself a large slice of cake. He raised the cake to his lips. Immediately he felt a large jolt of electricity surge down through his body, from his neck. He put the cake down. “Crikey” he thought to himself. “This electric collar works even better than expected”.

A similar thing happened that evening. He went out to his usual bar, and ordered himself his usual drink. He raised the pint to drink it. Immediately an electric bolt went through his body, starting at his neck. He dropped the glass, spilling all his drink. He apologised, cleared it up and left.

Soon the electric collar had his diet under control. He found himself saving loads of money he used to pay on junk food and alcohol. He was more than happy to make a monthly tribute to his Goddess with his savings. The pleasure he got from her just saying “Good boy” to him when he paid tribute to his Goddess Haylee Lynn was far greater than any pleasure he used to get from bad food or drink.

As commanded by by Haylee Lynn he shared his experiences on social media.

John David read his report with interest. He messaged the Goddess they both shared, Haylee Lynn.

“Dear Goddess” he started. “I’m delighted to read about the experiences with the electric collar my brother is having. I am delighted that the collar is helping him to become a better slave. There is just one thing I just don’t understand. How does the electric collar know that he is about to eat or drink something that he shouldn’t?”

“That is a good question” his Goddess replied to her most trusted slave, knowing that anything she told him would remain just between the two of them. “You see the truth is it doesn’t. I deeply hypnotized him, so that if he ever tried to eat or drink something that he shouldn’t he would feel an electric shock and think that it would come from the electric collar. Then I further hypnotized him to forget that I had programmed him in such a way. I would never dream of risking harm to a slave by giving them a real electric shock. I would never harm any of my slaves. But it works doesn’t it? He thinks he is receiving these electric shocks. He becoming a better slave all round. It is a win-win situation all round.”

How about you dear reader? Have you felt the power of Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s hypnosis yet? If not, why not. If you have, perhaps you would like to share your experiences in the comment below?

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