Enchantment Part 4.

Enchantment Part 4.

Before reading Enchantment Part 4, please read Enchantment Parts 1-3.

The story so far: The Queen of the Underworld – who bears a striking resemblance to Goddess Haylee Lynn – is enchanting four intruders who wish to kill her.

“That is right my children, you are so sleepy”. (the intruders were not really children, but the Queen thought that she had them under enough to start calling them that. She thought that by doing so they would become more open to her suggestions).

“All so very, very sleepy now.”

While still playing her instrument, and while talking to them, the Queen went round each of them in turn again, looking deeply into their eyes with her huge, hypnotic eyes. She could see that their eyes were getting heavier and heavier and they were finding it hard to keep them open.

Enchantment Part 3.

Enchantment Part 3: The Queen went round each of them in turn, looking deeply into their eyes.

“You don’t need these any more” she said, taking the daggers from them. “I’d better take them before you do yourselves any harm with them.”

She took the daggers from them and put them down.

“Now my children it is time for me to lead you to bed. Here, take a candle each.”

She handed each one of them one of the vanilla-smelling candles, and made sure they each held it firmly in two hands. She then led them down a corridor into a dormitory which contained two bunk beds.

Enchantment Part 4

Enchantment Part 4.

Once inside the dormitory she put the candles down on a table and got them to take a bed each.

“You are very sleepy. So very, very sleepy. You love listening to the sound of my voice. You would love to listen to my voice all night long. But you need to sleep now.”

The room had a window onto the corridor which led to it. She closed the curtains, to block out this lamp. She told them to close their eyes, which they did. She then blew out the candles. She continued talking to them, programming them, until she was sure they were all soundly asleep. She then went out, and locked them in, just to be on the safe side.

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