An experience i had with Goddess Haylee

An experience i had with Goddess Haylee

I wrote this blog to share an experience i had recently with Goddess.

As many of you know i have strange submissive desires. A recent experience that i had with Goddess sent me into bliss paradise.

I love being loyal to Goddess Haylee. She has been so accepting of me. As all of us do i truly love her, and i crave her power. I will admit that i have tried to resist her many times before but her power is simply something that i will never be able to resist!

I’m as weak as a junky addicted to drugs when it comes to her. She affects my emotions so easily. I hope i never get her mad at me because she could literally reduce me into a puddle of tears. Luckily i have never got her truly pissed at me. She is a fair Goddess. I just keep busy for her the best i can, and tribute her what i can afford to.

And of course i train often to her Videos, Clips, and mp3’s. This is a must to keep in good standing with her.

So anyway back to the experience i had a few days ago. Just remember i am addicted her control, and power over me.

On facebook i prefer to only stay friended with Goddesses fully devoted slaves. My Haylian family. Goddess gave me permission to do this. I’m so very thankful that she allows me to submit to her in this way. It makes me so weak to be this way for her.

I’ve ignored well over 30 friend requests because the person has too many Mistresses on their friends list. I look at it like this. I belong to Goddess Haylee, and i love, and cherish every second of my service to her. Why should i friend anyone that is not fully devoted to her. I don’t do this to be rude to anyone, it’s just that i want to be loyal to Mistress Haylee, and her only. I only have eyes for her!

Goddess very rarely ever says to block someone. She is a very caring person but she always knows best, and if she says to block someone i will do it in a heartbeat. I don’t question her. I just trust in her, and know it’s for a good reason.

So a few days ago i went through my friend requests list to see if any of them looked good. I was looking to see if any of them might look pleasing to Goddess, and i picked out 4 that looked okay.

Before i friended them i messaged Goddess, and let her know ahead of time that i was going to friend 4 people, and i mentioned to her that if any of them didn’t look pleasing to her to PLEASE let me know, and i would unfriend them.

After friending the 4 people Goddess let me know of one that was bad, and that should be avoided so i immediately blocked him. GODDESS ALWAYS KNOWS BEST.

Pendant EnslavementĀ Video

So anyway here comes all these posts on my newsfeed from the other 3 that i friended. One of them thought i was Goddess, and wanted to send me dick picks of his small penis – So i blocked him. The other 2 were flooding my newsfeed with posts about other Goddesses. So i blocked them too.

I have learnt my lesson. From now on I’m simply going to delete all friend requests on facebook. Goddess knows best about who i should friend. So from now on if she tells me to friend someone i will for her of course but random friend requests will be deleted.

I know that many of you might think I’m crazy for being this way but it weakens down so very much to give in to Goddess like this. I love being this way for her.

This is the first time Goddess has ever directly ordered me to block someone, and it consumed me with her bliss, and weakened me from head to toe.

Goddess PLEASE forgive me for not writing a blog for you for so long. I am here to keep you amused, and entertained, and i have failed you lately. I will try harder for you Mistress! I would be so lost without you. I bowed my head while writing this paragraph. Thank you for allowing me to work for you Mistress! I will work for you anytime. Anywhere! You are All!

LOVE you Goddess!

An experience i had with Goddess Haylee

An experience i had with Goddess Haylee

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An experience i had with Goddess Haylee — 9 Comments

  1. No need to be embarrassed or apologize for your fetishes. Believe me, I have some weird fetishes myself! Wearing my thong even while sitting here writing this! LMAO! šŸ˜
    Great blog post bro! I love your devotion to Goddess; it’s such an inspiration! You are so increasingly faithful to Her, I am lucky to serve Her next to You! Goddess is Everything, and You seem to be learning to live in that fact. You’re awesome!

  2. Every time I feel like I am as deeply committed and devoted to Goddess Haylee I read something like this and realize that I am such a novice. Terry, I know you write of your struggles and missteps, but in doing so you reveal how open and raw your devotion to Goddess is. I am humbled by your level of true, honest devotion. You have nothing to be ashamed of, but I understand your feeling that way because she is such a perfect, wonderful Goddess and we are just… guys. We are lucky she gives us the opportunity to worship and server her. Please don’t ever stop sharing. Your words are always an inspiration.

    • Thanks for the reply John. I like to be very truthful when i write for her. I am a lousy story teller, and the only writing to her that i am half way decent at is devotional blogs. You are not a novice bro! I am a very basic writer but i learn something new everyday from reading all of the blogs from you, and others on here. It’s so nice to see another devotee that is true to her. Your words are a huge inspiration to me also John!

    • Thanks so much Goddess! I’m so lucky that you allow me the honor of serving you from such a low standpoint. I crave that feeling of being so beneath you! I will always, and forever fall weak to your power! I think you know that by now. Sure there are times when I’m sporadic but I’m always drawn back to you. I will ALWAYS NEED You. I am a true submissive as all of us here are. So LUCKY to be owned by you. Always, and Forever Yours Goddess!

  3. Many thanks Terry. I have similar problems with friends requests. On the one hand I want to share my love of Goddess with as many as possible, and want to accept friends requests, if there is a chance that they will become fellow slaves, but I don’t want to befriend Dommes who may try to steal me away from Goddess, or people who may want to promote their Goddess to me…

    • Thanks forever! I understand that you use facebook to spread the word of her as i prefer to use twitter for that. To each their own. As Goddess has stated before we all offer something unique to her or she wouldn’t have us around. We all play an important part in serving her brother.

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