What is your fetish dear reader? Has it changed over time? Mine has!

What is a fetish? A friend of mine defined it as “what turns you on”. My fetish was hypnosis. I developed this fetish in my teens. I used to masturbate thinking how lovely it would be to be hypnotically seduced by a beautiful lady. Occasionally in my fantasises, I would also be the hypnotist. In some fantasises we would hypnotize each other. It is not a fantasy I shared with many people. In some cases I would imagine myself with a lady I knew. In some cases it would be an imaginary lady. I lost one or two girlfriends when I said that I wanted to be hypnotized by them. I thought I was strange by having these fantasises.

Then Internet was invented and became widely popular. I discovered others that shared these fantasises. I found I was not alone.

I’ve been into Internet hypnosis for many years now. Like most people my Internet relationships didn’t last very long for one reason or another. Then, early in 2013 I watch Goddess Haylee Lynn’s eye fixation video. I soon befriended her on Facebook. I soon fell under her sweet spell. I fell into hypnosis. I fell in love with her. I’m still under her spell, hypnotised by her and in love with her.

Gradually in that time, my fetish slowly changed. It is not to be involved with hypnosis with any beautiful lady. It has to be with her. She has to be the hypnotist. And she doesn’t have to hypnotize me any more. She turns me on. She and no one else will do. She is my fetish. I am hers for as long as she wants me.

Over time, Goddess Haylee Lynn has become my fetish.

Over time, Goddess Haylee Lynn has become my fetish.

How about you dear reader? Have you been through a similar process? If so, write in the comments below!

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  1. “Haylee is the fetish” is one of the lines from Goddess’ new MP3s. You capture the spirit of that perfectly. Totally agree, we come to Haylee to find hypnosis, amusement, arousal, but we get so much more – a completely real, irresistible Goddess.

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