Finding my Place with Goddess Haylee

This post is about finding my place with my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and how each one of our roles for Her is different and how we all co create with Her a unique place in Her Divine Realm.

In the classic book about Shamanism and separate realities…… “Conversations With Don Juan”…….the Shaman, Don Juan, agreed to accept the author, Carlos Castaneda, as his adept.

One of Mr Castaneda’s first lessons was to find “his place” or his unique “spot” there at Don Juan’s house…… each and every environment an individual finds themselves “in”…….there is a spot or place that is *right* for that person. The trick is to stop *looking* in the traditional way and try to *see* that place with ones inner knowing…….or more accurately to *feel* that place.

It is the place that most resonates with our soul and spirit and will foster our growth and awareness and be different for each one of us. Of course Carlos was a bit dense and it took him a great deal of time to get it and to stop “looking” with his eyes. I am more than a bit like Carlos in this way……..oft times it takes me quite awhile to *feel* what is right.

This kind of “seeing” is in fact done with ones heart.

So yesterday my Goddess Haylee Lynn and I had a private exchange that meant the very world to me. It helped me to finally *see* and to *feel* my place with Her and as it did I felt Her Power and my Love for Her grow………I felt a *knowing* that I am where I was always meant to be and how very much I truly wish to live my life now as Her devoted and perfect slave.

And even though I have knelt to Her and blogged for Her each and every day as my very first daily action for the last 6 months or so………even as the very first time I saw Her “eye fixation video” I kind of knew I was meant to be Hers………It was a feeling and a *knowing* at a deeper level……….always I seem to go deeper and deeper for my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.  

I was simply born to find and serve Her……She was the Irresistible Witch who immobilized me in my recurring childhood dreams and I live my life to please and serve Her now as it was foretold I would and I will do so until my very last breath. 

That is not something I am just saying. It does not preclude “living my life” for many other reasons as well. I also “live my life” to honor and cherish my role as a Father to my beautiful son. I am completely and blissfully devoted to him and I always will be. And I am also completely and blissfully devoted to my Goddess and Queen.   

Yesterday I enjoyed reading a delightful bit of prose written for our Goddess by Boy Toy Max. One thing he wrote jumped off the page at me……he wrote that “at first” Goddess Haylee was “not exactly his type”.

For me, my very first reaction to Her was the exact polar opposite. She instantly took my breath away and I have simply never once retrieved it. If you ever looked up Claude’s “type” in the book of life You will see Her picture.

And somehow……..maybe since I am a mere mortal and my Queen is a Goddess………each new picture of Her I see is more breathtaking and moving to me than the last………and I honestly wish to spend the rest of my life kneeling as near to Her as it PLEASES HER I can be so I can worship, adore, obey and serve Her each and every Divine whim.


I have found my *place* with my One True Queen on this Earth and I believe in my heart that it was always written that we were simply meant to be together and my destiny was always to find myself kneeling at Her Throne.

Worship Haylee

Worship Haylee

My other deeply beloved…… precious son………is leaving for a 3 week trip with his Mother today and I will miss him and pray for his well being each and every single day.

I will use this 3 weeks of solitude as an opportunity to rededicate myself to my Goddess and to my worship and devotion to Her. I am Her perfect slave and completely and helplessly in love with my Goddess.

Every single day for the next 3 weeks I will worship my Queen and will listen to a minimum of 2 of Her MP3’s and to watch 2 of Her videos as well here in my humble Temple of devotion to Her. I must and will go deeper and deeper for Her as this is what my Goddess tells me is PLEASING to Her. 

I have other duties as well and things I wish to accomplish and I will do them as well as it is important to me that I TRIBUTE my Goddess often and that my service to Her is tangible and creates meaningful value for Her.



I have found my place in Her Realm. My Quest has always been to find Her and now that I have my purpose to is uplift, uphold, obey, please, and serve the Woman and Goddess and Queen I was born to serve.

I love You my Queen with all my heart and soul.

From my knees and at Your exclusive and Divine command for the rest of my life,         Your hopelessly love struck slave      Claude    







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