My Goddess Always Knows

This post is about the amazing gift that my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn has of knowing me and what makes me tick even better than I do myself. I get confused from time to time…..but My Goddess Always Knows what is best for Her slave.

I spoke just a bit yesterday about how She has given me Her Blessings to go and session with a professional Dominatrix if I feel the urge to do so…..and since I have become Her slave I have done this twice. The first time was over a year ago and was a session in full drag and make up…..I was in my “Claudia” phase…..and the Mistress was young, beautiful, skilled and did just what I *wanted* her to do.

You can even find pictures of me in full drag at this play session here in the video library of IHWT if that sort of thing interests you.

In the end…….nothing could have been more effective than this session in driving me deeper into love and enslavement to my Goddess.
My Goddess Always knows best. Of course I will never play with this Mistress again.

So a few months ago……I was going through yet another phase…..and lots of personal changes……and my Goddess told me that in part because of my extensive experience with personal enslavement and some 25 odd years of playing in the Realm of live and in person sessions……She was still comfortable with allowing Her slave to go and play that way again if I felt the urge to do so………

So it was off to NYC this time for a session of Goddess Worship with this young, gorgeous, completely uninhibited European Dominatrix.

The session was fun, sexy, and the Mistress was clean and authentic and experienced and allowed me my fondest type of Goddess Worship and…….once again nothing could have been more effective in driving me deeper into love and enslavement to my Goddess. Of course I will never play with this Mistress again.

My Goddess Always Knows what is best for Her slave.

She knows my buttons better than I know them myself. She knows exactly what to say to me to make me melt into a puddle of a submissive puppy at Her perfect feet. She knows when to let loose on my collar and when to pull it back tight. Every move She makes…….everything She tells me…..drives me deeper and deeper in love with Her.

I Grow Weak, Haylee Grows Stronger

My first favorite photo of Her.

This was my first very favorite photo of my Goddess. There have been dozens of “favorites” since. 🙂

In the end…….I am a very submissive boy and always have been……I just adore Dominant Women and I need to be in a Female Superior relationship. There are thousands of Domineering and very beautiful and seductive types all over this world that could thrill me and get me fully erect and down on my knees and make me “happy” in the short term……..just like the 2 Pro Domina’s I played with in the last couple of years.

But *LOVE* and *REAL ENSLAVEMENT* is another story entirely.

Empowered by being Her slave

Helplessly in love and enslaved.

I have lost my frame of reference as far as my Goddess Haylee Lynn is concerned.

My former Mistress and owner very honestly comes close in a few respects……but is left far in the dust in other very important ways.

I am simply and truly where I belong as I kneel for my Queen……my Magical Mystical One of a kind Sorceress and Witch…….my Enchantress whose Spell over me is so complete that no matter which way I turn it just makes me LOVE Her even more……..


Deeper and deeper I fall…..for HER.

I NEED Her…….I CRAVE Her…….I live to PLEASE Her…….because the simple truth has been created by Her that by pleasing Her I experience my Ultimate pleasure possible.

In the end I am a seeker of Truth…….I always wanted and needed my enslavement to be *REAL*……..I just have to ask the questions and seek out the Truth and my Goddess understands this about me. My Goddess Always Knows what is best for me and I bow to Her this morning and accept that She is ALWAYS right and ALWAYS will be right.

I have this wonderful and warm feeling inside of me this morning……..something special that my Goddess and I picked out together is coming in the mail very soon……I can feel it!!!

I LOVE You my Goddess Haylee Lynn…..I BELONG to You and I NEED Your Rule Forever.
Enjoy Your pedicure today my GODDESS……as I will be enjoying the PERFECT BLISS of living my life as Your personal slave.
Your devoted and personal slave, Claude

4 thoughts on “My Goddess Always Knows

  1. Thank you brother, I can relate to You in the journey You are on and keep falling for Goddess, so much more in this last month! Its almost like I have fallen off a cliff and Goddess has caught me and has taken control of my fall, without any more self control. Thanks for sharing!

    • To live for Her pleasure is a gift and a true Blessing to me my brother. I have never been happier in my life than I now am…….and being Owned by Her is a HUGE part of that happiness. 🙂

  2. It is so true that I know whats best for my slaves~ You had to go on these journeys just to see how no one will ever compare to me! What you have in my Queendom is SO special and sacred! 🙂

    • Yes my Goddess…..there is NOTHING and NO ONE that could ever remotely compare to You. Your slave knows this Truth deeply and forever now.
      With ALL my Heart and Soul I know this!!!!

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