Goddess Dominating From Her Throne (A Honest Review)

When I die, I hope whatever greets me on the other side is even half as beautiful as Goddess Haylee Lynn appears in “Goddess Dominating From Her Throne“. Her mesmorizing voice and Toe Curling visuals are among the most enrapturing in recent memory, yet the video’s true beauty stems not from its alluring HD crystal camera clarity but from its unfailing ability to imbue every moment at the feet of Hypnotic Haylee with childlike wonder. This video is visually arousing, and the voice of our mighty Goddess is serene and meditative, calming and cathartic, moving and timeless! The simple components of her voice patterns are assembled so elegantly as to become something altogether richer than just sounds echoing through a slaves ears. It becomes soul permeating. Surreal, and exotonic.

Come Follow Haylee! - In Her Service

To kneel to Hypnotic Haylee is to assume the natural position

The further you progress, the more exquisite the words of Goddess Haylee Lynn grow inside of your mind. Seated as a domineering powerful queen on a gilded royal throne, laced like a medieval gothic timepiece. A lofty throne purchased collectively by aching, adoring eager slaves and pets. There we find Hypnotic Haylee dressed in beautifully intricate attire that will leave your mind clouded with lingering lustful desire long after the video has ended.


The plain lavender colored walls in the background contribute to putting the focus onto the central theme of this video, The glowing perfection of Goddess Haylee Lynn. We are greeted by the confidently calm Goddess Haylee, who is soon motioning her finger to the floor. Commanding her weak submissive slave to watch it from their knees. Suffice it to say “Goddess Dominating From Her Throne” grows in some truly unexpected and mind-blowing ways as her hands move across the bust of her tightly fitted busty decorative corset. Then another time her fingers slide across the form fitted tight shiny latex pants of her perfect ten legs as her beautiful glossy red lips talks provocatively of you being on your knees, at her feet staring up in worship of her total perfection. Adoring her feels so good.


Her words will leave any with a Goddess worship, or findom fetish panting with desire to please this enchanting overly powerful mistress. Though simple movements, they prove remarkably effective within the context of this sensual erotic experience, cleverly subverting attention off of self, and projecting it FULLY to Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s blissful pleasure.

Goddess Dominating From Her Throne is a video for any who marvel at the thought of a strong, dominant, beautiful woman lording it over them. Or any who desire to visually worship the image of a mighty Goddess, and to feel her dominance over them. To find Goddess Haylee using her hypnotic words to fill your mind, and activate a wave of endorphin rich pleasure receptors that will send pleasure throughout your weak submissive body is fully gratifying.

Goddess' Throne

Goddess’ Throne

In this non biased, honest review I rate this video 5 blissful stars out of 5. Rather your goal is to feel more submissive or to archive what you have seen and heard for future reference when edging to the most mesmerizing woman in the world. This video will surely be a reminder of the towering beautiful Goddess that you worship, serve, tribute, and adore which will leave your cock dripping with aching desire.

Punished by Mistress Haylee

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  1. Thanks for your review. It’s hard to do justice to our Goddess’ work. I know I have never been brave enough to try. But you did wonderful. Thanks!

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