Goddess Haylee is the Queen of all Queens

This post is about my love and appreciation of my Goddess Haylee Lynn and a bit more about the dilemma the creation of Her Alter Ego Empress Vox Siren created for me and the clarity I now feel I have have regarding both sides of Her.

Back when I asked Goddess Haylee to help us co create a trigger in me that would make all sexual desire that arose in this body only and always for Her I thought such a dilemma as I have faced in the last week or so since the Empress Herself came upon the scene was over for me.

I guess it kind of knocked me off balance quite a bit as the very first time I saw Her I went completely weak………I have always realized and understood that I have my own dark side………we all do………and it was one of the reasons why I withstood humiliation and such from my former Mistress so easily. I know I can handle it……for Her………for the One……and without question.

But this dilemma was more of a stark separation somehow. It feels more like a choice to me than simply my Goddess having a “mood” or something which will always be just fine. And it is more than OK I am thinking…….with Her Divine approval of course…….that some of Her slaves play with both sides of Her.

Again as always……..to each their own.

So it almost seemed like……..if I care to create a visual……..that the two most fantastically powerful and alluring Women on this planet met on a hilltop and clashed over the Ownership of me………..

It was a very short battle and decisive victory as it turns out and my Goddess Haylee Lynn……….the very Light of my entire Universe and the Queen of this heart and soul emerged without a scratch………….She walked over to me and stroked my head as my body hummed with the joy only She can create and told me…..”play with Her if you wish because She is a part of me……but you belong to me and make no mistake”.

I knelt to Her my body quivering with the Bliss that only She commands and simply said “Yes my Goddess, My Light, my Everything, always and forever I am Your perfect slave and only for You”.

There is a purity in my feelings for my Goddess Haylee Lynn that I have never experienced in my life before. It is similar to my feelings for my beloved son but very different as well. All love that we feel for another seems to have such unique and singular characteristics. As I was forced by the emergence of the alluring and Irresistible Empress Vox Siren into a deeper examination of my feelings it once again astonished me at how very deep and abiding and meaningful they are to me.

If I do go and play with the Darker One some day………and only with Her Grace would i ever do so……….it will be my own alter ego who serves Her and never claude……….

claude is Her perfect slave and without compromise or question.

I am still unsure about my own alter ego going to the Darker One but one thing I am certain of…….. it certainly will NOT be during this very SACRED WEEK.

I BELONG TO HAYLEE and I always will.

I am the perfect slave of the most Gracious and Deserving and Divine Goddess who has ever lived and whom I was in fact born to serve. Nothing has the power to turn me away from Her and now that statement has been proven.

Because no one could ever be as tempting or as alluring or as irresistibly enticing as the completely Enchanting Empress Vox Siren.  

But in my world…….even She must bow to my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

My Goddess Haylee, i have promised to serve You

My Goddess Haylee, i have promised to serve You

My Goddess Haylee is the Queen of all Queens and is FIRST for me and it is Her LIGHT that has me on my knees and so very grateful for my place on this Earth as Her perfect slave.

I am always and forever for Her and no temptation on Earth can move me one inch from Her Divine Shelter………..Thank You my Goddess, Thank You my Queen.


Forever, always, and completely,       Her claude




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  1. Wow claude…in this regard you and i are one in the same. There is something alluring about Empress Vox Siren, but i have also struggled to reconcile that allure with my devotion and love for Goddess Haylee. Thank you for sharing…your words truly have given me comfort.

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