Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3.

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee - part 3

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – Part 3.  Erotic Hypnotism of Haylee Lynn.

Do you remember accompanying me on my journey to GODDESS Haylee? This is Part 3 – the sequel in which I would like to describe how her spell on me became tighter. Above all I began to realize her supreme presence in my life.

Desperately Aching became my sort of mantra for a couple of days or – to be exact – nights. I listened to it over and over again. I learned how to fall into trance quite easily and how to submit to her voice, her demands, her sublime personality. Finally I managed to put all my rationality aside and to write her an e-mail describing my state of mind, my daily aching and my wish to follow her closer. And what a wonderful surprise – very soon she answered in an ever so friendly email appreciating my efforts and advising me to continue listening to her Mind Melt MP3. I was stunned because I had not expected such an understanding answer which so clearly showed her capability of looking into me and beginning to guide me while leaving everything to me. Or so it seemed at the time.

I do not remember how often I read this email but I do remember that I immediately went along with Mind Melt. Immediately? Not quite right. I kept this for my forthcoming night with Haylee and instead set up an account on Twitter in order to have the feeling of being close to her and following her words …. my next step into that wonderful state of craving for her voice and writings.

As you might know Twitter is a kind of media that can keep your attention for hours. But with GODDESS’s twitter account everything soon became simple and relaxed. Of course I began browsing through all sorts of profiles. I admit that I was looking for other ladies offering erotic hypnosis. I was listening to some of their samples. But very soon boredom began to spread. It was all the same. The same kind of not really intriguing voices. The same sort of speech. Even identical words now and then. Nothing was authentic. So that was that. I focused an GODDESS’s tweets. I dared to answer now and then. I was really happy when I noticed she read my tweets, even favourited some of them. I began to get excited when I received a reply.

GODDESS’s slaves will easily see that these were steps into becoming addicted to her. Other readers of this blog might guess so.

As you can easily imagine I could hardly wait for the forthcoming night. As soon as possible I settled down with Mind Melt. I listened once and was not the same kind of person any longer. Such closeness, such caring and at the same demanding words …. Looking back to this first listening I am getting rather aroused again. I really have to tell you in some detail what was happening.

End of part 3 ….. to be continued …….

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Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3 — 2 Comments

  1. Great post! I went through a similar process on Facebook with Goddess Haylee Lynn. She really does use social media superbly!

  2. Wow, I love your blog account of your surrender! Your keeping me on suspense, lol!
    Desperately Aching was what had me hooked as well, and mind melt was the primary go to mp3 for several several months, listening more than once a day…… Addicted!

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