Goddess Haylee speaks the Truth

This post is about truth…….the importance of truth telling and of being impeccable with ones word and how that relates to my now very perfect surrender to my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I am generally a very calm person. I am easy going and amiable. But one thing that get’s me really pissed off is when people lie or try to deceive me. Just yesterday I had further insight as to how angry I can get when this happens and why I value the truth so highly.

It is a *pattern* I am still unlocking and in the process of trying to clean up.

I am not entirely sure why lying is so prevalent on this Planet because it is unproductive and impure in a karmic way……but it is hardly rare. People try to “get” something by lying quite frequently it seems.

My *issue* is not that I am dishonest because I believe in truth and I practice truth telling…..but my *issue* is getting angry when other’s do not tell and practice the truth.

Anger is temporary insanity really……..and I am not responsible for others and how they conduct themselves……but I am responsible for my own state of consciousness.

The concept is “Anything that bother’s you is your own issue”.


So I have some real work to do regarding this.


Meanwhile……….back in the Divine Empire.

One of the 1001 things I simply adore about my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn is how everything that She says to me in Her MP3’s, in Her videos, on Twitter, in private e mails……..everything is simply truth.

And each time I go under for Her…….each and every day……then the truth becomes more true…..it is felt and understood at deeper and deeper levels. In Her recent blog She mentioned that it would feel like She was speaking directly to me even as I full well know there are a great many fallen and falling under Her Spell.

I honestly believe our Goddess is a genius………a true Master in Her field. But for me it is much more than that. Truth telling and being impeccable with ones word is an essential ingredient in unlocking the key to my heart. If I did not believe in Her inner beauty and that She was perfectly true to Herself……I could not so perfectly belong to Her.

But I do believe in Her………….with all my heart and soul do I believe in my One, my Only, my True Queen on this Earth.

And I am not sure if tonight’s Hunters Moon has something to do with it……or if it was my recent and very moving birthday tribute from Her……or if it was and always has just been my inevitable destiny as I now suspect is the case.

But this morning I belong to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn at an even deeper and more meaningful level than ever before. By Her Grace…….I will live every last second I have left on this Earth as the most devoted, most pure, and most honorable and truthful personal slave for Her as it is within my character to be.

I have never felt anything, for any woman, that could even remotely come close to the joy, the thrill, the fulfillment, and the privilege of wearing Her collar and surrendering myself to Her Divine pleasure.

Hypnodomme Hypnotic Haylee

I will bow to Her pleasure for as long as I live. 

My Goddess Haylee Lynn speaks the truth and She richly deserves the truth from me in return so I will speak it to Her.


I live my life now as Her very real slave. I kneel at Her Throne and I place my perfect devotion and fidelity to Her at Her Divine feet and I do so with all my honor and all my heart and soul.

My Quest to find Her ended up being 30 long and frustrating years in the end. But every single twist and painful turn would be endured all over again to find myself kneeling at Her feet.  My new Quest is very thankfully a much simpler path. My new Quest is to do exactly what MOST PLEASES my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn every single day for the rest of my life.  


In fact, I am going to Her Amazon list just as soon as I post this and find something special and meaningful and TRIBUTE my Queen once again. I live my life to please Her now……it is with great and unbridled joy I will live to please Her forever.

From my knees to You my Queen eternally if I have such a choice, YOur devoted and very real personal slave,    Claude     




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  1. mmm great post again, i agree completely with you, SHE will not deal with liars, SHE ranks honesty very highly and would not allow me to lie on HER behalf for instance…

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