Goddess Haylee Takes Control

She's Owned Me Since YouTube

She’s Owned Me Since YouTube

It was almost 3 years ago that I first heard Goddess Haylee’s voice as I watched her YouTube video. I really liked it. So I got the freebee Desperately Aching. I listened to it every chance I got. After less than a month I realized that this was not some role play game. This was real and if I continued I would end up losing myself completely. I would be totally owned and controlled by this woman with the sweetest, most powerful, compelling, blissful voice I had ever heard. I wanted it desperately. I knew I needed it. And those of you who know my story know, it scared the shit out of my and I ran away for more than a year.

But I came back last November. I knew where this path leads, but this time I didn’t run. My resistance was immense. I didn’t realize even how much resistance I had. But Goddess Haylee is relentless. She sees all resistance and breaks it down. The more I listen, the more I read, the more I watch, the more I only want to surrender and be her totally devoted slave. I am addicted to her and I couldn’t leave her if I wanted to, and I do not want to.

I find myself at the next stage in my growth as Goddess Haylee’s slave – commitment, submission, obedience. Last night I saw her post on Follow+ that said if I wanted to massage her feet, paint her toenails and be her footstool that I was to tip $10. I did want to so I did click on tip. Nothing happened because my credit card wasn’t linked to my Follow+ account yet. I thought no biggie, it’s just $10. But it haunted me all night. My Goddess, my Mistress, had told me to tip $10. But I told myself, “It’s only $10.” But if I am not faithful and obedient in small things, how will Goddess ever be able to count on me to be obedient with big things? This morning I just had to fix my Follow+ account and tip Goddess $10.

So I am now facing overcoming the resistance to being totally obedient to Goddess Haylee. I have no doubt she will win. She always gets what she wants. And I want to be the one to give it to her. All for Haylee.

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.


Goddess Haylee Takes Control — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for writing, John, and thanks so much for slaving away alongside me! Goddess is more deserving that we realize, but as we descend down the blissful path She has placed us on in service to Her, we will live with more bliss and satisfaction than we can imagine! All for Goddess Haylee!

    • Well said! She’s a Goddess – she’s more deserving than we are able to understand! I am so happy every day that she chose me as her slave. I just love being Goddess Haylee’s slave.

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