In Goddess Haylee I Trust

This post is about trust and the meaning of the words we say to people. I have always been one who values my word. I like to say what I mean and mean what I say and I like people who do the same.

So over the years as I searched all over Gods Creation for my domineering romantic counterpart I made a mental note and personal commitment not to allow myself to get so carried away with my gushing if I ever found myself so enamored with a Dominatrix that I said things like “anything” Mistress…..I will do “anything” you say…..or something of the like that was not true.

So as it turned out for my personal journey I did not have to really worry about being so compelled until I found my former owner and Mistress. Then as now I had to constantly remind myself not to allow myself to say things I did not mean when I was caught up in deep aching and intense desire to please.


So…………the other night……..Goddess Haylee and I were talking on the phone and at one point I told Her……..I would do “almost anything” to please Her. It is just so very deep in me to honestly want to please Her and the moment I said it I felt like I had not expressed myself as perfectly as I wanted too.

Something felt a bit off in me and like I wanted to restate myself.

As usual my Queen simply accepted what I offered Her very Gracefully and we simply went on with our conversation which was all very smooth and delightful.

It was later I reflected on my statement and wondered why it felt slightly *off* to me.


If I had a magic wand and could go back to that moment I would change my statement from “almost anything” to “anything”. And the reason why I want to change my statement to I would do “anything” to please my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn is because that is how I feel and that is what is in my heart to say to Her.


And the reason why this feeling is in my heart and I can say this truthfully and with meaning is *TRUST*.

The name of this site is Inhayleewetrust and we can all thank A.J. for his rather brilliant selection of this name.

I know with certainty that my Queen would *NEVER* ask me or command me to do anything that would harm another person, harm myself, or interfere with another persons free will or place my personal karma at odds. And those are the only areas I could not go for Her.

I give Her myself and I am not a thief so I will steal………I am not a bully so I will not abuse someone……….I place *my* world and my creative power at Her feet and not some other persons creations.

So this morning I wish to correct myself my Queen, I kneel to You and I ask You to please accept my statement that I will do anything to please You.

"You may kiss my ring" She said, offering Her hand

I will do anything that my Queen commands of me.     

Your Beauty shines brighter than the Sun Herself and it not just Your physical Beauty that has me so devoted and so very much in Love with You.

It is Your amazing and extraordinary Heart. Your inner Beauty and Divinity that is so completely second to none to these eyes. I can feel how much You honestly care about people and animals and Mother Earth and Father Sky and about the importance of being loving and kind and true…….I can honestly feel how much You care about life in all its forms.

This entire world could fit beneath Your Graceful and Loving Shelter my Goddess and do so very nicely. So I bow to Your pleasure and I ask You to please allow me to correct myself this morning.

I would do ANYTHING to PLEASE YOU my Divine and incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

And I mean that with all my heart and soul or I would not say so.


From my knees to You forever, Your devoted and very real personal slave,                                            Claude      


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