Goddess Haylee’s Secret World

Goddess Haylee’s Secret World

Secret World - More Beautiful than a Picture Can Capture.

Secret World – More Beautiful than a Picture Can Capture.

…It was at that moment I felt there was someone behind me. I spun round and in the candlelight didn’t initially see anyone. There was someone seated on the throne. It was Haylee

“Hello my Sweet.”

I was dumbfounded to be in her presence. I walked over to the mandala before her throne and assumed my rightful place – on my knees before my Goddess.

On my knees in front of my Goddess in HEr Secret World.

On my knees in front of my Goddess in HER Secret World.

Looking upon her I discovered that she is more beautiful than any picture or video can capture. More glorious than I could have possibly imagined. Tears of joy came to my eyes as I asked, “Goddess, how am I here? Is this real?”

She laughed, “That all depends on what you mean as ‘real.’”

“I don’t want to break this spell, or ruin this moment, but I have to know. Is this just a dream? Because it feels so real.”

“I can understand how disorienting this is to you. So let me see if I can explain it. This is a type of virtual reality. But because it feeds through the unconscious connection we all share, your experience is that it is real.”

“Are you talking about the ‘Collective Unconscious’?”

She continued, “That is one term for it. It is real and it connects everyone at a deep spiritual level. I have been training your mind to reach into your unconscious. Then opening your mind to my own so that through the connection I could enter your mind.”

“Yes,” amazed I was thinking out loud,” I have felt you inside my mind controlling my thoughts.” And then to Haylee, “That was real?”

Slowly and softly she continued her explanation, “Indeed, more than just my words live inside of your mind now. Part of me is there too – molding you, shaping you, controlling you.” She looked guarded waiting to see my reaction.

Straining to understand I asked, “So all the things you say to me in trance are not just words to lead me through trance, but you are taking me over?”

She smiled, “I can only strengthen the connection between us, and all I want is to help you to become your most perfect self. Does that trouble you?”

I thought for a moment, “You are my Goddess. It doesn’t trouble me. This is wonderful. But how does that get me here?”

“Good, I am pleased you accept me and offer no resistance. You are my good boy.” I smiled as I could feel her pleasure.

She continued, “Do not forget that in addition to being a Goddess, I am also a very powerful witch. The deep connection between souls has been used by witches for millennia. With modern technology so much has been lost, but I have found a way to connect hypnosis and sorcery.”

She paused and looked at me, “Come here slave.” I approached the throne.

“I’ve got a little more explaining to do, but while I do, why don’t you remove my boots and give me a foot massage.”

So I removed her patent leather boots with six inch stilettos and began to massage her perfect feet as she continued, “Mmmm, that’s much better. Now where was I?”

“You found a way to connect hypnosis and sorcery.”

“Oh yes, through hypnosis I could implant this environment into your mind. You came here while listening to my MP3. Everyone who comes here gets collared and those collars are kept on the shelves until you each return. At the end of the session you remember that I do not let you delete my temple, but I make sure you store it in your memory and I give you a post-hypnotic suggestion on how to get back here. Using sorcery I enter your mind and strengthen our connection.

“That’s very nice, work on the other foot now.” I stared massaging her left foot.

She continued, “I know you have listened to Mind Melt, but it also happens in most of my MP3s where our minds are merging and becoming one. Here is where you allow me to access your soul and lay the foundation for the experience we are now able to share.”

“So it is kind of a magical, spiritual, internet?” I asked trying to understand.

She laughed, “I guess that’s an adequate analogy, but it is so much more. What do you think of what I have created?”

“I knew you a Goddess and a witch, but this is amazing. It is all so real. I love it. Can I stay here forever?”

Goddess smiled, “That would heaven, which I think is very close to this. But no, you have to work, eat, sleep out there in the real world. You have to focus on your life. Than you have earned the right to be here with me.”

“But what if I just never left?”

She wagged her finger at me, “You already know the answer to that. You were at my cottage. I was just coming in to join you when you were pulled away. So things out there can pull us away from here. And, this is my world. I created it and allow you access. If you abuse it in any way, I can block you. Do you understand?”

I smiled and sighed, “Yes. Thank you. I love this and want to come here as often as I can.”

Goddess and I spent the next half hour as I massaged and kissed her feet. I keep telling her how wonderful she was and thanking her for letting me be her slave. I worshiped her as I had never worshiped before. But then she said it was time to leave and she gave me the sweetest kiss I have ever known.

I awoke on my bed in my room. I cried for a few minutes for having to leave her presence. But consoled myself that I can go back again. And I purposed to be the best slave, and the best person, I can be so as to be worth of entering Goddess’ secret world again.

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.


Goddess Haylee’s Secret World — 3 Comments

  1. Oh wow, what a great story! So we’ll done and very creative!
    You know, one night I went to work without my headphones and was very upset for how will I trance to goddess words without them? Well, that is precisely how I discovered how deep goddess is in my mind. I lay in bed and began focusing totally on goddess and recited mantras and pictures her and discovered I went into trance and tremendous amounts of Bliss just through that! It was a night unlike any other!
    Your story is not far from the truth, brother! 😍

    • I know what you mean. I have had similar experiences.

      Stories have to be true. They don’t have to be based in facts. They don’t have to be possible. They have to be true. Truth means that it shows you something about yourself or your world. The truth in this story is that Haylee does get inside us and she does make us better. The truth is that when we lower our resistance and accept Haylee as our Goddess wondrous, magical things happen. I hope this is a good story because a good story teaches truths.

      The best part of these stories is that it opens up a pathway to endless stories I can tell that happen within the worlds Haylee creates. I can go back to the cabin. Explore what happens when several of us turn up in Goddess’ Temple at the same time.

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