Would I Leave The Goddess Lifestyle ? Written by Haylee Lynn

Would I Leave The Goddess Lifestyle?

Written by Haylee Lynn.

Would I leave the Goddess Lifestyle? Written by Haylee Lynn

Hello my slaves and sweets. I received a question last night from one of my submissives. I thought it would be a good topic to discuss here.

He asked me :

“What If you won the lottery tomorrow, would you get out of this Goddess lifestyle? You know what I wouldn’t blame you a bit if you did. Lets say that you won 1,000,000 dollars on the lottery, would you still continue, or just get out of it?”

I was very busy at the time. I wrote back a short reply stating:

“No amount of money takes away someones essence”.

I even sat back and laughed a bit to myself about this question. Not because it is silly, or a bad question, but because of how one little question brought forth so much emotion to me. The thought of “leaving” this lifestyle makes me laugh. How could I leave something that embodies my entire existence? I am not simply living the Goddess/Dominant lifestyle. I AM the lifestyle. I have always been. I am not acting, portraying a character, embodying someone that my true self is not. I AM a Goddess. I am a Mistress. I am extremely Dominant, and nothing, not even a billion dollars would change that, or take away from it. If anything, I would use that lottery money and purchase my own special island and have slaves living on it tending to my every wish ;)

I love being me. Everything that I do, and everyone that I allow to interact with me is because it is what I want. I live an enrichedGoddess lifestyle, I am and will always be a Goddess, and you my slaves and sweets, will continue to further enrich my Goddess living in any way that you can.

Thank you my sweet for asking this question~

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Would I Leave The Goddess Lifestyle ? Written by Haylee Lynn — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, I just noticed this blog Foreverslave. Thanks for re sharing this. I read this on the Goddess Worship website right after Goddess Haylee posted It. What a great blog written by our wonderful Goddess, I was really touched by It. It brought forth such great emotions In me. She Is such a great person, and a True Goddess.

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