My Goddess Lifted me.

This post is about shifting energy……about being in a less than happy place for a bit of time……and then finding something or someone who lifts you out of that space and into higher vibration. No surprise to the readers of IHWT…..but yesterday my lift came from my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

As it turns out I had a pretty exhausting day and had just experienced a long tiring drive home. I had written to my Goddess about 8 hours earlier and the first thing I did when I returned home was check my e mail…….but nothing was in from my Goddess so I just kind of sighed and went back to thinking about my “problems” a bit…….also just ever so slightly disappointed I had not heard from Her.

We had been talking about doing a phone session and even though I am usually patient about such matters…….I am under a fair amount of stress at the moment. So I turned on a basketball game as I was too tired to study anything or read or do something productive……but I could not stay away from my computer and I went back to check on my mail in about 10 minutes.

A message was in from my Goddess!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I wrote Her back and said Yes my Goddess I am here and ready to take Your call. 🙂

This slave decided to watch Her eye fixation video while I awaited my Queen.

I watched the entire video straight through and just after clicking on it a second time as commanded……as soon as She said “Hi there” my telephone rang.

My mood did not completely shift instantly because I have learned the importance of confiding in my GODDESS. I LOVE Her…..I NEED Her…..She is WISE and POWERFUL and can only BLESS me with Her GIFTS if I am honest and forthright when I am going through a challenge.

My Wise and Nurturing Goddess.

My Wise and Nurturing Goddess.

So my decision had been to do what we do when I am BLESSED to speak with Her on the telephone. We just talk……almost as friends would but we are not friends. I am Her slave and my life is BLESSED to be so and my place is to bow to Her pleasure……to Her Superior will……to Her Divinity.

So I spilled out my challenges and honestly told Her why I was so tired and a little upset. I placed my Heart at Her feet and told Her what Her slave was going through in a polite and respectful manner.

Fitness First!

My Goddess Lifted me.

My Goddess Lifted me.

We spoke and went back and forth and as surely as the Ocean tide will slowly take something out into the deep blue Sea She lifted me.
I started smiling…….I felt tingles of Her Bliss inside of me……..I was so happily powerless to stop it…….I felt myself surrender to the joy of just talking to Her. She laughed a few times……I melted a little more each time She did so.

I want to know EVERYTHING about my Goddess Haylee Lynn. Because I NEED to WORSHIP and touch every part of Her Beautiful Life.

I never looked at the clock during this conversation but it just flowed as naturally as a river and when my Goddess said She was soon receiving company I just smiled and thanked Her and told Her I LOVED Her. Because I do. Because I was and am so grateful for the BLESSING of being Her personal slave.

My Goddess lifted me and as I sat in the afterglow of our conversation I just smiled and felt so happy……my challenges remain but my perspective is healthier for my BLESSINGS from Her.

I was very tired from my long and physical day so I went to sleep instantly when my head hit the pillow……but about 4 hours later I awoke…..fully erect and desperately aching and laying beneath Her Altar and I just lay there are stroked and ached and smiled and surrendered and LOVED Her so hard.

My Goddess lifted me once again…….and I LOVE Her.
I WORSHIP everything about You my Queen, my Goddess, my Heart.
Thank You for lifting me up as You always do,
Your devoted and loving personal slave, Claude

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  1. Great blog brother herslavenow. I know what it is like to be lifted by Goddess Haylee. Nobody else compares. Thanks for sharing.

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