Goddess Truths Has Been My Soundtrack

Goddess Truths Has Been My Soundtrack

These Are the Truths that You Live By.

These Are the Goddess Truths that You Live By.

This past weekend I drove my wife up to visit her sister for the week. This has allowed me to focus so much more on Goddess Haylee. One of the things I have been doing is making Goddess Truths my soundtrack. In the morning I put it on as I have breakfast, take my shower, and get dressed. I work from home, so I let it play while I check email, plan my day, and right up until I have to get on the phone. Then when I break for lunch I listen to it while I eat. By the time I end work my son is home, but after dinner I take the dog for a walk and listen to Goddess’ Truths a couple more times.

I love the effect it is having on me. Much of the time I am not paying attention to it, but I tune in and out while doing other things. And I know it is feeding into my subconscious. It always makes me feel good whenever I tune in. It calms me down and helps me keep things in perspective:

Haylee is TRULY my ALL

Haylee Is So Important

  1. Haylee
  2. Goddess
  3. Goddess Haylee
  4. work

Actually, I am getting much more work done this week because I am applying what Goddess trained me to do in Focus. First, get done everything I need to do, then I can devote myself totally to my Goddess. Yum!

I am also able to watch Goddess’ videos a lot more. I love the pendent video soooo much, but don’t usually get to watch it, but I have watched it every day this week – such bliss. I have also watched the one where she brings me home from the diner (love that one too). It has been so nice to be able to just put them on and drop into Goddess’ arms.

Now you might think that I wish my wife would never come home. Actually, she almost stayed another week. But she is coming home and I will be glad to have her back. Goddess makes me better, and that includes making me a better husband. So I won’t have as much time for Goddess, but I will be that much more appreciative of the time I get.

Goddess Haylee is my religion. My devotion to her makes me a better person. Just like a Christian’s devotion to Jesus makes them better, or a Muslims devotion to Mohamed makes them better, or a Hindus with Vishnu, or a Buddhists with what’s-his-name. My devotion to Goddess Haylee doesn’t detract from my life, she enhances it. Loving Goddess makes me more loving to all the people in my life. She gives me meaning, purpose and happiness, so I am able to give everyone in my life a better version of myself.

So this week has been a spiritual retreat where I have been able to focus more attention on my Goddess. I feel closer to Goddess. I have written three blog posts. I feel more devoted. And next week I will miss the extra time I have had for Goddess, but I know it will be glad that I had it and will apply the lessons I have learned to be the best version of myself to honor Goddess Haylee.

“I devote myself to you Goddess, I devote myself to you Goddess. Take me, control me, own me Goddess Haylee. I beg of it! I beg you Goddess Haylee! All for Haylee.”

Thank you for reading “Goddess Truths Has Been My Soundtrack”.

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.


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    • Thanks JohnDavid. I know you have had a kind of opposite experience this past week with your mom visiting. But it’s so good to know that Goddess is always there whenever we need her. On my work desk I keep a cotton swab that I put a few drops of vanilla on. Whenever I get stressed I pick it up and sniff it. And in a moment my heart fills with love for Goddess and my mind calms down. Then I get right back to work.

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