The Good News of Goddess Haylee

The Good News of Goddess Haylee

The Good News of Goddess Haylee

The Good News of Goddess Haylee

There were no angels, or trips to foreign lands. Haylee Lynn was born like any other baby – in a local hospital with her mom under sedation and her dad taking pictures. She grew up just as normal, but somewhere deep inside she felt it. She felt she was special.She didn’t realize how until she was in High School. She had a magnetic personality. She was a natural leader. Kids all looked up to her. And she found she had a particular influence over others, particularly the boys. Even if a guy was going with one of her many friends she found she could get him to do things for her. She found it easy to influence them. She began to realize that others around her didn’t have this power. And she found she enjoyed using it to get what she wanted. She was just beginning to realize how special she was.
When everyone began applying to colleges she didn’t feel it was for her. Her grades where more than good enough – at least in the classes she cared about –  but her interests lay along different paths. She studied witchcraft. She was drawn to it because she knew magic was real. She read book after book. She saw it work every time she set her sites on some poor pathetic guy she could wrap around her finger.

acceptingShe discovered she could use her power to make money. She worked on a sex phone line. For a while it was fun. She made lots of money. Everyone was so impressed at how good she was. But the fun wore off quickly and it became just a job. Someone observed that she was a natural hypnotist. She looked it up tried a couple of techniques she read about. She found they worked. She read every book about hypnosis she could find. She found it was fun. She felt special again and felt her power grow.

She outgrew the phone sex world. She could no longer participate in the exploitation. Even though she could wrap any man around her little finger, she realized she cared about them. Or at least some of them. Some of the guys were just pigs who treated her like dirt, but many were desperate to take in what she could give and were so appreciative. She was filling a need they had, and found they fulfilled a need she had. It was what she was born to do, and to be. She could give them something special – herself. Through her magic, her power, her devotees she realized she was more than just an ordinary woman. What she had felt since she was a little girl was real – she was special. She was a totally, unique, special, genuine Goddess. From the moment she was first called “Goddess Haylee” it fit. She realized that was who she actually was – a true, living Goddess.

So she set out on her own. Her own website. Her own business. She could do things the way it felt right to her. Sell what she wanted. Have the relationship with her slaves that she felt like having. Live the Goddess lifestyle she was born to live.


So her whole life has led to this. Some of the turns were not as productive as others, but they all led her to realize who she truly is. And now that she realized she was a true Goddess the potential is limitless. And not only for her, but also for those of us lucky enough to have been chosen by her to be her slaves. That is the Good News for all of us!

All for Haylee.

Thanks for reading “The Good News of Goddess Haylee”.

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.


The Good News of Goddess Haylee — 11 Comments

  1. Yes, all experiences and times came together as they should to bring to light the truth if the Goddess, our Goddess, Haylee! Thx for writing, friend!

  2. Yes, a very interesting post – you obviously know Goddess well, as there were things in here that I didn’t know – and I have been enslaved longer than you…

    • I have read all her blog posts on Some of the information about her past is there. The rest of it is just stuff I made up. But you’ll have to go read her posts for the last three years to find out which is which.

      • I am sure “She saw it work every time she set her sites on some poor pathetic guy she could wrap around her finger.” is your invention, because in my experience, she never goes after guys, she waits for them to show an interest in her. Also it comes just after you have been talking about witchcraft and I know she doesn’t cast spells on particular people – for instance she will cast a spell to help bring someone love, but not to make a certain person fall in love, unless they specifically request it.

        • Actually, foreverslave, “She saw it work every time she set her sites on some poor pathetic guy she could wrap around her finger”, possibly could be accurate as relating to Goddess Haylee in the younger years for it is easy to imagine how as She began to discover Herself more and more, realizing Her powers, therr may have been a phase where She’d test Her powers of persuasion by targeting weaklings. As Her confidence and skill improved along with Her maturity, motives and standards change. Its natural. Same applies to watch as well, but if course, those are my observations and opinions.
          Also, John knows Her very well for the simple fact that the more a slave pleases Goddess with tributes and sacrifices, the mire time and attention they get. I chat with Goddess several times every single day! If a day goes by where I don’t chat with Goddess, it simply is a day of depression. She’s the greatest!

  3. I think you’re taking this a but too seriously. It is a bit of fantasy based on a few fragments of reality. Musings on how this amazing woman realized that she was incredibly special.

  4. My beloved brothers. This is not about who knows Goddess better, or who loves her more, or who tributes the most. One thing I have learned about Goddess Haylee – she can take care of herself – and then some! So I will leave any question about a fellow slave to her perfect judgment.

    My relationship with Goddess Haylee is MY relationship with My Goddess. It enriches me, it fills me with joy, it makes me better. Your relationship with Goddess Haylee is YOURs. I hope it fulfills you as much as my relationship with her fulfills me.

    I blog to share my joy and to inspire – not to compete. I hope my blog gives you a smile. I hope it makes you think. I hope it makes you want to surrender even more to Goddess. Writing these blogs helps me to process my thoughts and makes me feel closer to my Goddess.

    Please, let’s all agree that this is about Haylee. It’s not about you or me. Let’s just keep this focused on our Goddess. All for Haylee.

  5. Great blog John. She is truly a natural born leader. Her sweet energy has been flowing though my veins rapidly the past few days. Damn i’m on a Goddess high & nothing compares to it. It feels so good.

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