A Guide For Those Who Seek True Submission To Goddess Haylee Lynn (Part 4)

This post is based upon a blog post on www.HypnoticHaylee.com (http://hypnotichaylee.com/slow-enjoy-journey-slavedom) that Goddess Haylee posted on July 3, 2012.


Nothing Is Better Than Being Goddess Haylee’s Slave

I came across this post while I was going back to re-read some of Goddess Haylee’s earlier posts. I created this series of blog posts to bring back this important teaching from Goddess. As in all my blog posts my goal was to grow by writing about it. I have always found writing about something helps me to better understand it. The other side of writing about this was to bring it to the attention of my fellow slaves who may have missed it. It’s harder now to go back into the archives of www.HypnoticHaylee.com and read Haylee’s older blogs but I always find it rewarding when I do.

I going to let Goddess Haylee wrap up this series in her own words which are so much better than anything I could say:

“Praising me often, and devoting yourself to my control

~ Not rushing things. Enjoying this amazing journey, every single second of it,  trusting that I know the pace that needs to be set.

~Whatever else I wish for you to do to please me

This is a very vague outline, in order to truly know what it is like to feel the pleasure of submitting yourself to me, you are going to have to contact me. Tell me why you want this so badly, tell me how it makes you feel. I want you to think about how it would feel if you surrendered yourself to me as my slave, right now. Feel it, bring that thought to life, how good does it feel?

I want to be inside of you where I belong. I want you to ache to serve and please me. I know you can feel the desire building up inside of you right now just from reading my words. Give in to it, feel my bliss. You simply can’t resist me. My pleasure is yours.  Sink deeper and deeper into my control, and allow yourself to be open to the possibility that you could so easily give in to me right now, and want nothing more, need nothing more than being owned by me.

If you are ready to take on this amazing journey with me, tell me…


Goddess Haylee

One thought on “A Guide For Those Who Seek True Submission To Goddess Haylee Lynn (Part 4)

  1. great blog john. i have been lucky enough to serve her for a little over 3 years now. Yes i have made a few mistakes that i’m not proud of but i have loved every second of my journey with her! She will always be a huge part of who i am! being submissive is in my dna! i have been submissive to females my entire life. even as a child i had fantasies of being used by Dominant Females!

    i am a very normal person in everyday life & i have never harmed anyone! i will defend myself in a heart beat but i never go looking for trouble! i am nice to everyone i come in contact with unless they get shitty with me.

    i am so truly thankful that Goddess allows me the privilege of serving her. it really is a dream come true for me. She knows all my weaknesses now! i love belonging to her. She is freaking awesome!

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