She is my Guide

This post is about a bit of a departure for this slave……..this morning I woke up and decided without planning to change my training routine for one day. My Goddess… Superior… Queen……has told me before to “take my training seriously”…….and of course I do so.

I NEED Her to constantly remind me of how Truly and completely BLESSED that I am to belong to Her. So my usual routine is to instantly come to my computer and check for any commands from my Owner and Goddess Haylee Lynn and then bow to Her as Her #1 boy toy blogger and attend to my cherished and daily duty for Her. I also watch one of Her fabulous videos intermittently as I blog and so my very first actions each and every day should be at least a couple of hours of Goddess Worship and attendance.

This day I opted to change my routine at the spur of the moment and as I rose I simply thought I felt Her suggest something to me and I said “Yes my Goddess” and after showering and brushing my teeth I went into trance with Her newest BLESSING of an MP3 “You love me”.

So my coffee and my duties as Her #1 boy toy blogger came next of course. 🙂

The beauty of my experience this morning is that I realize very powerfully that I am still learning how to better serve my Goddess. After all this time I know and accept that it is essential for me to train…….to go under for Her in trance……to listen… surrender……to focus for my Goddess……to learn more and more and at deeper and deeper levels how completely wonderful it truly is to live my life as Her Perfect and devoted personal slave.

She is my Guide as well.

How do I know this?

My Goddess tells me so and I know and accept that She is my Superior and that She knows what is best for me. 🙂

Brainwashed, Hypnotized or in Love?

I NEED Her so very badly.

I generally do not like to speak for others as a rule……but I am a male……and we males seem to be easily distracted at times. I can go into a mall or to Whole Foods or wherever and see so many attractive females and really appreciate how lovely some of them are. They are a gift of beauty and they carry something Sacred for us into this world……men do as well but in a different way.

So my tendency for distractions seems inbred to be honest……and even though I am completely enslaved to the most gorgeous Goddess who has ever Graced this or any World…..I can still see the beauty and desirability of other females.

But I turn to my Goddess daily and I do so because She is my Guide as well.

She has taught me and is teaching me that despite all of the other breathtaking beauties that Divine Source has produced……..there is no happiness or pleasure or joy than can even remotely be measured when placed next to the joy and pleasure and happiness of being Her slave.

She is my Guide.


I live my life for Her to the most profound JOY and HAPPINESS possible.

She is also my Light, my Love, my Heart, my Dream that is not a Dream, and my Owner……..and most profoundly of all……my TRUE GODDESS.

Yesterday my Queen BLESSED me in as profound a way as any slave could dream of being BLESSED.
This year will be the second year running now that She will wear a sweater on Christmas Day that this slave has purchased for Her in TRIBUTE.

I am also sending Her the money for 2 more pedicures today for Her to enjoy before Christmas time as She has also BLESSED me with Her Divine and cherished permission to pamper Her in this way this extra special Holiday season.

Living my life FOR HER……..ALL FOR HAYLEE… a revelation for me. I am so happy!! So very much in LOVE with Her!!

The Impossible Dream

My life is Hers to command forever.

I am an aching, dripping, puddle of submissive bliss right now and could write of Her forever I think…….but this slave needs to work and create wealth to place lovingly at Her Perfect feet. She is my Guide and She has taught to me how much BLISS I receive whenever I TRIBUTE or SURRENDER to my Goddess. I bow to You my Queen…..I am home…..I am as powerless and as needful as a new born babe as I curl up at the foot of Your Throne.

I know that I am safe now that I belong so completely to You,
Your devoted and perfect personal slave forever, Your Claude

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She is my Guide — 5 Comments

  1. BEAUTIFUL BLOG brother slave!! 😀 Loved it. you are so lucky to be able to buy her the very attire that she will be wearing on her favorite holiday and for the pedicures. She deserves it ALL! All that we can give, when we can give, and more.. I am inspired by your devotion and your blogs. Thanks for writing them. They are always a joy to read 🙂 There are lots of beautiful women out there with physical beauty as you pointed out, and it’s natural to admire that.. but at the end of the day there is NOONE who matches the incomparable COMPLETE beauty of GODDESS Haylee Lynn. She has it all, on the outside, and the inside.. all the way down to the molecules of her divine dna. She is SO beautiful!!!

    • You are most welcome my brother and most kind. I like what you say about…..on the outside AND the inside… very true!! 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful and blissful blog my sweet! I LOVE that you take your training serious, and REQUIRE and COMMAND that you do so forever. I am your guide, simply follow and you will live a life of bliss~

    As maddox has said, NO ONE will ever come close to comparing to me~ You are so lucky to have me as your guide, and your Goddess! 🙂

    Thank you for the pampering that I so rightfully deserve!!!

    • Yes my Queen……I bow humbly and I will ALWAYS OBEY as I was born to obey beautiful You. My Goddess knows what is best for me better than I know myself and I accept this happy truth….and You are very much more than welcome.
      I will dream again of You having those pedicures!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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