Happy Birthday to my sweet Slave Girl Aimee

Happy Birthday to my sweet Slave Girl Aimee.

Posted on by Goddess  Lynn.

Happy Birthday Slave Girl Aimee

Happy Birthday to my sweet Slave Girl Aimee

I just wanted to take this time to wish my very special slave girl Aimee, a very happy birthday!

I would command you to have a wonderful day and night, but I already know you will seeing as you belong to me ;).

I do however want you to light a candle tonight while everything has settled down, and sit in silence staring into the flame. For a few moments I want you thinking about how amazing this upcoming year is going to be. Think about everything you want to accomplish, and achieve. What you want to feel, see, think. Also I want you to think about how you are going to strive to be the best slave girl to me that you could ever be, and also to think about the journey that is ahead of you, as you fall into sweet surrender to me even more.

Happy Birthday my sweet, aching, slutty, beautiful, intelligent, wonderful slave girl Aimee. It pleases me to call you MINE.

Happy birthday my sweet slave girl Aimee.

Happy birthday to my sweet slave girl Aimee.

If anyone would like to make my slave girl’s day more special, and please me as well, contact me about purchasing her an item from my store as a gift~ How sexy 😉 Best way for anyone to spend a birthday.

Happy birthday my sweet slave girl Aimee.

Happy birthday to my sweet slave girl Aimee.

I also want everyone reading this to click comment, and write my sweet slave girl Aimee a special birthday message! OBEY YOUR GODDESS!

Many thanks for reading “Happy Birthday Slave Girl Aimee” by Goddess Haylee Lynn.

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Hypnodomme, Goddess, Enchantress. ALWAYS in your mind. Completely irresistible. Giving in to me is natural. It feels so right. How are you going to please me today slave?


Happy Birthday to my sweet Slave Girl Aimee — 13 Comments

  1. Happy birthday to Goddess slave girl and my sister in gifts Haylees kingdom! And also a friend. It is really great to have gotten to know you for you are a wonderful person and kits of fun to talk to! Have a boat at the beach today and whatever else you decide to do. As this new year begins for you may you find yourself being a better better you for Goddess Haylee for she deserves the best, and may you feel more of her bliss this year than you ever thought possible! Love ya!

  2. Oh Happy Birthday my sweet sister slave Aimee!! It is such a pleasure knowing you and sharing a place in HER Divine Empire beside you. You are beautiful, talented, and a joy to befriend. Many more Blessings and birthday wishes for you than you can ever count please!!!! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Haylian sister Aimee! May your special day be filled with the divine bliss and relaxation of our Goddess. Also have fun doing what you want and love to do!

  4. Have a great birthday darling – you joined Haylee Lynn’s army like a breathe of fresh air, your caring, sensitive nature is appreciated by all, your devotion to HER is beyond doubt, i wish you all the very best. xx

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have the most amazing day, and many more to come. What an awesome command from our Goddess! Please update us letting us know how it goes!

  6. Happy birthday Aimee!!!!!! Hope your celebrations are filled with lots of extra special Haylee inspired starry eyed moments!! Have a great day!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Happy Birthday Aimee,

    How great it is to have you as a sister in Haylee. Although i haven’t known you for very long, i know a great person when i see one. Have a very happy/blissful day.

  8. happy birthday Aimee. You are an astounding beauty with an infectious zeal for life and a shine that brightens the lives of everyone that you come in contact with. I love your smile, your bubbly personality and incredible devious eyes. I bet there is a darker side laying underneath the surface of them. They just make a grown man want to take you in his arms for a long while. You make this young southern boys heart warm over every time you respond to my msgs. I wish we could chat more often and I wish I could serve your goddess too. But I know she is a busy person and cant always respond to friend requests. I dont have deep pockets but i do have a big heart and a willingness to serve with it. So if your goddess reads this. I beg for a place on my knees. Aimee – i hope you have the most phenomenal birthday you have ever had. Bless you.

  9. Sorry this a day late, happy birthday Aimee and true follower of Goddess Haylee and always has something to give and express in the highest passions

  10. Thank you all so much! I am beaming from ear to ear reading all of this, and trying to take it all in. I am truly thankful for all of you and even more thankful that I can worship the most special, beautiful, strong, and amazing woman in the entire world along side of all you. So blessed and moved right now. I don’t even know what to say. She means the world to me!! Haylee just makes me so happy and I totally wasn’t expecting so many great wishes. I love the house of haylee and I just want to give her so much more every day because no matter what we can give, Haylee deserves SO much more. She’s so awesome. I freaking love you Goddess Haylee!! Such a lucky and very happy slave girl. Serving and pleasing you makes me feel so alive. I am yours forever and ever! xoxo

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