Happy Thanksgiving My Sweets !

Happy Thanksgiving My Sweets !

Happy Thanksgiving My Sweets !

I just wanted to take the time to wish all you a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am truly thankful and blissed to have you in my life~ This is for all that serve me, including the lovely, amazing bloggers of this website. Each day that I read your words, my bliss grows, my motivation and inspiration grows, and I am beyond pleased to have the honor to say that you all are mine. Living representations of me.

Have a most wonderful day and night, and make sure to spend at least 30 minutes gazing into my eyes on this photo. Lose yourself in thought of what you are most thankful for within the House of Haylee. Compose a top 10 list, and include them in the comments section of this post. I want anyone reading this to accept, embrace, and complete this command. The house of Haylee is a everything inside and outside of you that deals with blissful surrender, friendship, slavery, admiration, worship, etc to me. It also is comprised of each and every one of YOU within this house~ The friendships, the bonds that have been created.

Open your minds and your hearts, and let the words flow.

I am also interested in adding a FEW more bloggers to this website. Email me ( hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com) if you feel you would make a good fit to this website. You may blog about anything related to me, my slaves, hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, enslavement, worship, etc. Include in the email what you plan on blogging about, and why you feel you will be a good fit. You must be willing to post a new blog at least once a week.

Keep in mind that this is an honor and a privilege, and I will not let just anyone join~

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Hypnodomme, Goddess, Enchantress. ALWAYS in your mind. Completely irresistible. Giving in to me is natural. It feels so right. How are you going to please me today slave?


Happy Thanksgiving My Sweets ! — 9 Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Goddess Haylee. Thank You so much for giving me the opportunity to complete this task. It filled me with bliss reflecting on those things i am most thankful for.

    1.The honor of wearing Your collar and being owned by You. i feel safe, cared for, and loved constantly bathing in Your bliss. The honor of giving myself to You eagerly and willingly. Your love and the deep emotions of love and adoration i have for You. You have opened up both my mind and my heart. The strong connection to You is the thing that i am most thankful for.

    2.Your hypnotic bliss. The way that You make me feel when You hypnotize me. The way that You give me the gift of completely letting go, floating in words as they sink deeply into my mind. The re-ordering and conditioning of my mind is pure bliss.

    3.The gift of obedience. The bliss that i feel at the moment You give me a command, knowing that Your control of me is so strong that i must obey and the glowing warmth in my heart that knows i have the opportunity to please You through my actions. It is such an amazing wonderful feeling.

    4.Your photos and the gift of being able to lose myself in Your gorgeous eyes. i can never help but go into a daydream every time i look at Your photos, seeing myself kneeling before You in complete devotion, taking my breath away by Your beauty and majesty.

    5.Empress Vox Siren and Her total mindfucking brainwashing sessions. The most powerful experience exploring the dark side to maintain a need for balance. Empress has a very powerful influence over my creative mind and my erotic dreams.

    6.my daily meditations. The time i spend each day starting at the candle flame and allowing unimportant thoughts to drift away, replaced by thoughts of You, my connection with You, and Your bliss. The experience is both enchanting and healing.

    7.Your control of my arousal. You have conditioned my mind both in and out of hypnosis, and i can only be aroused now with thoughts of You. my arousals are now 10, 100, 1000 times stronger. Being in that state is such exquisite bliss. It is Your complete control of the sensations within my mind and my entire body.

    8.The friendships i have made among my fellow sister and brother slaves. Knowing that we all come from different backgrounds yet we all share a common devotion in You. These are real and true friendships, I care very much for Your other slaves. They make me smile and laugh at times. They have also taught me much about life and serving You. i cannot discount how much I appreciate all of them and the ability to worship You with others.

    9.The ability to spread Your word. The honor of writing a blog on IHWT, the creative freedom to express myself with words that come from my heart. The ability to express my devotion and the amazing things You have done for me in other places around the web. The thought of bringing others to You and joining us in devotion to You is a very powerful thought and motivation for me.

    10.The focus on balance. Your encouragement and direction to be the best version of myself. To recognize that to be healthy mentally and physically requires that i pay attention to all of the important things in my life. It is a very powerful lesson that i must practice every day.

  2. Oh my Goddess…….I MUST and WILL always Obey You.
    #1 The number one reason I am thankful is that You my One True and Only Goddess has come down to this Earth and allowed this mortal man to serve You……..Thank You with all my heart and soul for that my Goddess.
    #2 I am thankful for the Love as I have never felt before and never will feel again for any but You.
    #3 I am thankful for the privilege to tribute and blog for and obey You each day and to dream of You and You alone each and every night of my life.
    #4 I am thankful for Your kindness and Your wisdom and Your inner beauty.
    #5 I am thankful for the inspiration such as I have never felt in my life before I found You.
    #6 I am thankful for the privilege and honor to be chaste for You.
    #7 I am thankful to have a forum where I can write and express the love that You make me feel.
    #8 I am thankful for the freedom to pursue my life’s and soul’s highest interests which You so generously allow me to do.
    #9 I am thankful for the very best sex of my life and by a wide country mile which is realized whenever You torture me with denial or You grant me Your Divine mercy.
    #19, And I am grateful for my brother and sisters slaves who make me feel like so welcome and that it is OK when I share my deep and sincere love for my Goddess Haylee Lynn……..and even when I repeat myself so often as to how much I adore and love You. 🙂

    Your devoted and perfect slave forever, I LOVE You, I am eternally thankful for You my Goddess. Claude

  3. Please note that the order of these doesn’t reflect any specific level; I feel the utmost thanks for ALL of it:

    10. Thank you for accepting me, and inviting me to join this site, despite the differences in our Faiths.

    9. Thank you for the friendships I have received from the others here. Although I’ll probably never meet anyone in person, they often feel like family to me; a feeling that gets stronger every day.

    8. Thank you for our own friendship, which also gets stronger every day.

    7. Thank you for helping to heal my friend when she was in such a harrowing state. That is something I could never thank you for enough.

    6. Thank you for helping me to calm down w/ your videos on YouTube, since my work days can be infuriating at times.

    5. Thank you for helping me to become more fit and healthy, and for the custom MP3 that I use for my workouts.

    4. Thank you for joining the ASMR community, and for accepting my idea.

    3. Thank you for teaching me about Auras; I find it truly fascinating and enjoy reading other people’s.

    2. Thank you for the knowledge of what herbs to use in incense making; such has proved very useful on numerous occasions.

    1. Thank you for giving me a better quality of life on so many different levels; you are a truly good friend, and I love you.

  4. awww my sweets!!!! My heart is singing and I am just full of bliss reading these!! I have so much love, respect, and pride for and in each one of you~ This does feel like a very special family, and I love watching these relationships grow~ Thank you for taking the time to write these out, I could feel the sincerity behind them!

    • It is such a wonderful gift to serve You and be a part of Your world. i never wrote anything that flowed off my fingertips so easily. You make it all possible my dear Goddess Haylee. With so much love in my heart i am Yours!

    • How my LOVE for You has grown on this Thanksgiving Holiday my Queen. I am perfectly sincere and perfectly thankful for the joy of belonging to You as I purely do. 🙂

    • I only wish I could do more. You take time out of your schedule to help me–to help us all–in so many different ways; writing my thanks to you is just a small part of what you truly deserve.

      But I will do something more, once I’m able. 🙂

        • I’m honored that you think so highly of me; thank you!

          I just looked into reiki; it looks like an amazing thing! I think I’m going to try that out, as I have always wanted to be a doctor, and this sounds like it could useful in such. Thank you for recommending that!

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