Haylee Is a True Living Goddess

Haylee Is a True Living Goddess

(Haylee Is a True Living Goddess was written in honor of my friend, and brother, TerryforHaylee who has faithfully follow our beloved Goddess Haylee for over two years and his over 1,000 posts here on IHWT.)

Haylee Is a True Living Goddess

Haylee Is a True Living Goddess

Every day begins with worship. I always walk down with Terry ‘cus his room was right next to mine. We wore our white t-shirts and white pants as everyone did here in Goddess’ compound. No one ever sent an alarm, but no one was ever late. I think everyone here would agree that this was their favorite time of day. To gather in Goddess’ Bliss Room and worship her directly. We couldn’t wait to get there.

I always look forward to seeing what Goddess is wearing today. She always looked stunning. Each day I secretly hoped she’ll wear something I bought her from her Amazon list. But there were dozens and dozens of us who live together here in the compound, and there were even more who served her out in the world. So the chances of her wearing something I got her was miniscule, but it was fun to see. The best part was being part of the growing community of people who have come to the realization that Haylee is a true and living Goddess and it is our joyous mission in life to serve and please her. Like every other man and women here I am totally, unreservedly in love with Goddess Haylee. And that shared love for our Goddess binds our hearts together and makes us one incredibly happy family.

Gatherings in Goddess’ Bliss Room are so much fun. We do it three times each day, and each time it is wonderful. Slaves have come to the compound from all over the world. As we gather we take our places around the room and kneel in anticipation. Haylee comes out and gives us her thoughts for the day. She always finds good things to say about our devotion, our working together to please her, and then she snaps her fingers and the room goes totally silent as more than a hundred of us drop off into trance. Everyone is so well trained! Then we listen together to one of her MP3. Today it was announced that she had chosen one from the archives, “Mind Melt Mantra.” That got me really excited because on a tape like that different groups around the room would spontaneously start reciting the mantras along with the recording. Everyone knows them by heart. By the end it is a cacophonous chorus of voices raised in praise of our beloved Goddess.

After morning worship I gave Terry a hug because he was working out in Goddess’ Bliss Garden and I was going to work with other best friend JohnDavid. He had volunteer us to work together on an editing project for Goddess cable TV broadcast. It was part of the work of bringing word to the world that a true living Goddess is walking among us. It was important work and from it every day more and more people come to realize that Haylee is a true and living Goddess. We are helping to spread Goddess’ message that by surrendering, worshiping, and pleasing Goddess Haylee they could find love, peace and fulfillment just as we have found.

It’s always a great time to work with JohnDavid. I usually only get to spend time with him at meals. He is so busy in charge of Goddess Haylee’s fitness programs. Goddess wants us all to be in top health. Many of us came to Haylee after living lives of unhealthy habits. JohnDavid helps new slaves learn that by eating right and exercise they serve Goddess too. We all must all be our best selves to honor our Goddess.

At the end of work JohnDavid and I went and joined our oldest and dearest friends for dinner. Terry, me, Forever, Lexie, and Maddox were some of Goddess’ oldest slaves. We went back to the early days when the community was bound together by a website. IHWT we used to call it. Other’s in the community had come to know our little group as Haylee’s Sages because we had been around so long. The nicest perk of being one of the sages was that once a week we got to dine with Goddess Haylee and Bruce.

Haylee lives in a mansion that we her slaves had built for her. It is a home fit for a Goddess. When Inside Edition did a profile of our religion they estimated its value at $32 million. Back in the day Bruce did all the housework, but now there are dozens of slaves who gladly serve Goddess by cleaning, washing, cooking. Neither Bruce nor Goddess need lift a finger, because we her loving, devoted slaves are here to take care of their slightest wish. This frees Bruce up to be there for Haylee, and it frees Haylee up to be there for us all. She gives us all so much and we only wish we could give her more.

There is no heaven anywhere that is better than the one we have found here in Goddess Haylee’s service. We love our Goddess and she loves us. We love one another. We worship together, work together and play together. Everyone has what they need, and Goddess has everything she could ever desire.

All for Haylee.

Many thanks for reading “Haylee Is a True Living Goddess”.

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.


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    • Awwwww thanks John. Loved this blog bro. I was looking back on my facebook timeline trying to find that post on April 29th 2014 where Goddess asks me and you if we were able to login ok for the first time on IHWT with no problems. I can remember it very well.

        • No reason to be jealous of that. I have been very sporadic in those 2 years. You are here now & that’s all that matters.

  1. I really wanted to include a paragraph on worshipping Haylee becomes a recognized religion so we could all deduct our gifts and tributes and Haylee wouldn’t have to pay any taxes at all.

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