Haylee’s friend

Haylee’s friend

Haylee’s friend A work of fiction.

It was a couple of days after I had gone to stay with Goddess Haylee Lynn. It was the evening. I had cooked her evening meal and cleared it away. She was on the sofa, watching her TV programme. I had massaged her feet and had nearly finished painting her lovely toe-nails, when the door-bell rang. “Would you get that please?” She commanded me. “Of course.” I replied obediently, as always. There at the door was a young lady, I recognized her immediately as a friend of Haylee. “She’s just watching TV.” I explained, as I led her into the living room. “So you must be….” Haylee got up, looked round, saw her friend, went and gave her a little hug, kissed her cheek, then walked over to the TV and bent over and turned it off. As she walked towards the set, my eyes were glued to her lovely big, round behind swinging back and forth. She was wearing tight black jeans, which seemed to remind me, “I wear the trousers.” I had always had a thing about women who wore tight trousers, but now the only bum I ever looked at was her’s… I just found it sooo sexy, and when she bent down to turn off the telly, and thrust her lovely bum up towards me, I felt that I was the luckiest man in the world. Generally my eyes were glued to her. If she is facing me, I look into her lovely green eyes, and if her back is to me, I admire her behind.

“So you have met then?” Haylee asked her friend.

“Yes of course, I think we have spoken once or twice on Facebook. We are certainly friends there. So this is the guy who pretends to be hypnotized for you?” Her friend replied.

“He isn’t pretending.” Haylee said in a stern voice. She noticed the look on her friend’s face, as if to say she didn’t believe it. She resolved to change her friend’s mind. She looked at me with those big bright green eyes again and spoke to me.

Haylee's Friend

“Sit here please.” I obediently sat for her. “Now look into my eyes, that’s right, deeply into my eyes, going deeper, deeper, and deeper still, falling deeply into trance for me again…. Your eyes are closing as you slip deeply into trance again for me….” I quickly lost myself, looking only into those eyes. All I saw was those big beautiful green eyes looking into mine, and her sweet voice. I am not even sure of what exactly she said, as I went deeply under, like I had done sooo many times for her. “Now you are sitting on a block of ice on the North Pole. It is ever so cold; you are getting colder and colder, colder than you have ever been before.” I started to shiver and goose pimps appeared on my body. Then, in a different voice, which I could tell, was not directed to me, She said. “OK, if you don’t believe it, touch him, feel how cold he is.” I felt this warm touch on my face, which quickly moved away. “Yes I believe in it now.” “Good, now daft as it sounds, I have to pull him out now; believe it or not, he could be seriously injured if I left him like this.” She switched into that lovely sort of bossy tone of voice she always uses when I am hypnotized. “OK, waking on the count of 3, 1, 2, 3 wide awake now, and back with us.” My eyes opened and I felt a bit disorientated, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I smiled at my Haylee. That is what I normally did at times like this. “Gosh that is impressive, do you mind if I have a go?” “No, of course not, just one minute though.” She turned and looked at me again, with those wonderful eyes of hers. “It’s your sleep time, but time to fall deeply into hypnotic trance for me. Ok, for the next view minutes you will let my friend control you, in exactly the same way you love me controlling you. You will obey her without hesitation, you understand?” I nodded approval. I tried to say “yes” but it came out more of a grunt. The next voice I heard was from the friend. “OK, you will go into the kitchen. You will pick an onion from the vegetable rack. You will bring it back here, you understand?” I grunted obediently again, and went out and got the onion. “Ok, what you have in your hand is no longer an onion. It is a nice juicy apple. You are hungry. Bite into your lovely apple, and it will taste lovely.” I bite into the apple. It was lovely. I would have eaten it all, but she asked me to stop. “I definitely believe in the hypnosis business now.” “Good fun isn’t it?” “Yes it is. He is British isn’t he? How long is he staying for? When is he going back?” “I don’t think he is going back, he belongs here now.” I never did go back, I am still there, waiting on Her hand and foot, looking after Her every need. It is my life now. She is so much more than a friend, She is my Goddess, my Mistress, my Hypnotist.

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