Haylee’s perfect ass

Haylee’s perfect ass

The year is 2035. Goddess Haylee Lynn is the supreme ruler of a tropical island nation “Haylia”. I am Her personal slave. Now read on.

I woke HER at the appointed time. As a tropical country, there is very little differences between the length of the days of the seasons. Normally SHE likes to accept the ancient law that the day is for living and the night is for sleep.

“What would YOU like for breakfast YOUR Majesty?”

“Nothing, we are going shopping today. We will eat breakfast out. You can warm the toilet seat and run me a foam bath. Light a few candles for me too please my slave.”

Even after all these years, I still love it when SHE calls me “my slave”. I love being reminded that I am HER’s and that I am HER slave.

I also love shopping with HER. I have to follow HER around the shops. I am meant to keep about 3 yards behind HER, but closer if we are in crowds, perhaps a little further if we are not.

I am reminded how in 2013 there was a joke going around. In Afghanistan a Western, liberal journalist, asked an Afghani lady why having fought for liberation from a Muslim dictatorship, she still walked 10 yards behind her husband. She answered “land-mines”.

Of course me there is no chance that SHE will step on a land-mine, but I do love admiring HER from behind, HER lovely long hair falling down HER beautiful back like a waterfall, down to HER amazing ass and HER beautiful long legs.

Haylee's beautiful legs

Haylee’s beautiful legs

That day SHE wore tight black shorts, HER ass looked more amazing than ever. More opportunities to have HER wonderful rear in my face seemed to present themselves, as I had to follow HER upstairs, and up escalators. If I were younger, no doubt I would have found it very sexy, but at my age, sexual urges are a thing of the past, but I still find HER backside – and no one else’s very beautiful. I love watching HER walk and seeing HER ass swing from side to side like a pendant.

I have to watch HER constantly, I am not allowed to look at anyone or anything else. Occasionally SHE would glance over HER shoulder to check up on me, and I would be looking at HER and SHE would smile encouragingly. If SHE needs me, for instance to pay for things, SHE just snaps HER pretty little fingers. Mind you on Haylia, most, if not all, businesses let HER have goods and services free of charge.

I do get to gaze into HER beautiful eyes too, and listen to HER wonderful voice, when we stopped for breakfast, and when we stopped for elevenses and then lunch.

Today SHE wanted to buy a new pair of shorts, and there was even more chances to admire HER backside.

“Do these shorts make my bum look big.”

“No Your Majesty, it looks lovely.”

“Even when I bend down like this?”

“Yes Your Majesty, those shorts really do make Your lovely bun look nice.”

“You are so sweet. You are just saying that. Look, hold this image in your head, let me try on the other pair, and see which looks better.”

And so it went on all day before SHE finally bought the pair that SHE was satisfied with. I didn’t mind though, I just love serving HER in any way I can.

After having Her ass in my face for most of the day, I just couldn’t get images of HER lovely behind out of my mind, especially when I went to sleep that night, I kept thinking of it. I lay on my back, I think of HER ass, I lie on my side, I still think about HER ass. I guess you could call it HER-ass-ment, but I love it!

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