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This post is about a very special aspect of my Goddess……of *OUR* Goddess……..ALL of we slaves who so happily bow at Her Divine Throne and Worship Her so gratefully. I call us the BLESSED collectively because we very clearly are completely so.

Two things came up for me yesterday as I attended to my top priority in life…….which is so happily to now and forever PLEASE my GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN each and every day and to the optimal level of my ability.

I do not really care for labels over much…..but I do love TRUTH a great deal.
A part of the discussion yesterday was about the differences between a fetishist and a “lifestyle” slave.
For me personally, the only real “fetish” I have ever felt I had……was a GODDESS WORSHIP fetish……and I am not certain that qualifies. 🙂

I think such a feeling places me where I belong……in the “lifestyle personal slave” category.

I have been trying to bring these two concepts together in my life recently…….a “Healthy” life and a “lifestyle slave” life.
If you lived inside of my body, mind and heart for even a split second and felt how much I truly WORSHIP my Goddess…….then you would fully understand how…..for me…….the concepts of “lifestyle” and “slave” can never again be separated.

Something Princess Wrote

Her lifestyle slave

I realize at a very profound level now that even as my happiness is generated from within……being true to myself and honoring myself and my Soul’s journey is essential…..and for me that now means bowing in sincere and heartfelt love and devotion and obedience to my One, True and Only Goddess. The need and craving to do so is constant now. My cherished and accepted place is to bow in Worship to Her 24/7…….Sometimes intense and over powering……most times sweet and very pleasant……..but always and forever I am ALL FOR HAYLEE.

So yesterday our Goddess……MY GODDESS……wrote to us on Her private forum about being Healthy For Haylee.


Being Healthy for our Goddess

I had signed up for *My fitness pal* to please my Goddess well over a year ago but I had stopped doing the food and exercise dairy about a year ago even as my health mission was ongoing and even accelerating due to fairly serious health concerns. Doing the food chart again yesterday was very revealing. I was amazed at how different my diet now is………what I was eating last year……and how changing it all has helped transform certain parts of my life……..and principally what I put into HER body and the dramatic effects changing what I eat has had. I am a better slave this morning for taking such care these last 6 months.

I am not a “no fun” advocate. Life is to be lived and enjoyed and celebrated to my way of thinking. But learning how to cook and prepare healthy and delicious foods is fun and can even be an outlet for our creativity.

Ohhhhhhhhhh I just had my long held fantasy come up…….the one where I am feeding my Goddess from my knees as She reclines in silk and satin……. 🙂

Back on track now. LOL.

This slave must be the very best version of myself…….my Goddess has commanded it be so.

What a joy and complete pleasure my life now is to be Owned by the most wonderful, loving, caring and beautiful GODDESS who has ever Graced this Earth with Her Divine Presence. I love myself and I want to continue growing that love as well. I love the fact that my Owner cares about Her property and wants the very best for me. She wants all of Her slaves to be healthy and happy and to live balanced fruitful lives.

How fucking completely cool is that?

There is some truth in the saying that you are what you eat. There is also truth in that your feeling’s also create what you are.

What a wonderful life I live now that I am in perfect acceptance of what *A Healthy Lifestyle* is for me. What is healthy for this slave is to listen to my Heart and to celebrate the Joy and Privilege of living my life as Her devoted personal slave.

I am a lifestyle slave deeply in love with my Goddess.

What could ever be healthier than that? 🙂

From my knees to You and You alone my Goddess Haylee Lynn.
Your happy, devoted, and true personal slave forever, Claude

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    • Nothing…….and I truly mean nothing……could make Your slave happier than to hear You say that my Goddess. Thank You. 🙂

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