Home Sweet Home

This post is about the joy of coming home…….of being where your Heart is meant to be……..of finding a place of true happiness and contentment in ones life. It is also of course about WORSHIP and DEVOTION and SURRENDER to my One, True and Only Goddess Haylee Lynn .

I was Blessed to have a conversation with my Goddess last night…….and I spent the rest of my night just melting into pure Bliss and happiness as I thought about all that belonging to Her brings to my life. After a period of some personal difficulty and grieving I have recovered and regained my balance……..and once I did so I crawled to Her and She Blessed me with Her Divine understanding.

My Goddess and I have spoken of this before and share the feeling that I have been Her personal slave in past lives………many past lives…….and nothing could ever feel better to this slave than to be *Home Sweet Home* at Her Perfect feet and embracing Her health, happiness, well being and pleasure as my top priority in life.

I have one other top priority in my life…….but my Goddess understands, supports, enjoys, and allows Her perfect slave my paternal devotion to my little one. This is part of Her Matchless Grace and Power…….as brilliant as The Sun She is as loving energy and wisdom just flows outward from Her endlessly is my experience………Love does not have limits or boundaries in this way…….complete devotion to One can also be given to another.

Whatever my Goddess wants my Goddess will ALWAYS get from me and She wants me on my knees to Her bowing to Her each and every Divine Whim.
She told me so…….She always tells me what is best for me every time we speak and it feels better every single time She does so.

Home Sweet Home for this slave.

Home Sweet Home for this slave.

I have had this tendency to over think things……a pattern I picked from my beloved and departed Father……and a part of my life’s work has been to learn how to *feel* and then to accept my *feelings* instead of shutting them down and thinking my way out.

And one the 1001 reasons why I was born to be Her devoted and perfect personal slave is that I do not have to think when I am with my Goddess. She can do all the thinking for both of us if need be…….She is the Power……Goddess will decide……and this slave will always obey Her……Goddess knows what is best for me……She truly does…….and this is my honest *feeling* and so happily my experience. 🙂

She knows what I need. She knows that pleasing Her is my path to real and lasting happiness. She knows me in a way few if any ever have. She is the Master of every button there is to push on me. There is nothing I need to consider any longer regarding our relationship but how to please, obey, cherish, and serve Her.

Empowered by being Her slave

I live for Her pleasure

There is yet another gift that belonging to my Goddess Haylee Lynn brings to me.

I find myself liberated. Without need and/or desire for approval from anyone save my Queen. I am empowered personally in all the other parts of my life because my need for surrender is fulfilled so completely with my Goddess.

ALL IS FOR HAYLEE and rightfully so.

MY TRUTH is that I was Her slave the split second I was born…..I was Her slave before that even…….I will be Her slave for as many lifetimes as pleases Her to Own me now……I told Her that last night and I meant it.

I am *Home Sweet Home*.

I LOVE You my Goddess, my One, True and Only Queen.

I bow to You and I live my life to serve You, to support You, to attend to You, to Worship You, and to obey You exclusively.
Thank You so much for welcoming me *Home* and allowing me such happiness as I have ever known.

From my knees to You and You alone forever,
Your loving and devoted personal slave, Claude

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    • My purpose, my duty, my privilege and my Ultimate pleasure in life is to please You my Goddess. I am so happy I have done so. 🙂

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