Hypnosis is Erotic

Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis

There is no question that the thing that first attracted me to Goddess Haylee was Her erotic hypnosis. It was that one little tickle in the back of my mind that lured me in to watching Her erotic hypnosis video for the first time.

I love to read Goddess Haylee’s words and every night I spend some time reading Her blog posts. Other times I’ll read the descriptions of Her erotic hypnosis mp3’s. Even though I have read them all now several times, I always feel Her bliss, it keeps my mind in tune, in addition to listening to Her erotic hypnosis.

One of my favorite things to read, which She has written, is an article titled, “Why I Choose to Be a Hypnodomme.” In that article, She talks about “energy manipulation” which She describes as sensually guiding a person’s energy to feelings and sensations that person would not otherwise experience.

The whole idea of manipulation is something I find very attractive. And I have never heard anyone describe it in the manner which Goddess Haylee does. To the curious reader, thoughts may drift towards a ball of clay being molded into bowl or something useful. Or a simple subject converted into the perfect slave. She is using something that is already there, and transforming that energy though Her erotic Hypnosis.

I love what She is doing to me, along the way I have fallen deeply in love with Her. Some may say, She’s used Her hypnosis to cause me to feel that I am in love with Her, but no that is not exactly correct. She has manipulated the energy of my mind in such a way to open me up to feelings that were already there. She has allowed me to fall in love with Her, to focus my emotions and feel Her bliss, which is most amazing.

Knowing that She has done this to me is intensely erotic. It makes me obsess over falling even deeper for Her, which in turn is even more erotic. It’s that perfect circle of bliss and hypnotic surrender. It is even erotic to me to think of Her causing another to fall for Her as I have done. I am not exactly sure what that says, but I do know that it is a positive reflection of the way She has enchanted me.

When you hear the word erotic, it’s not difficult to make the direct connection to sexual. Although in terms of erotic hypnosis, that is much too simplistic a view. Yes, I do almost always become aroused when Goddess Haylee hypnotizes me, but She manipulates that arousal in such a way that it is something beyond sexual, it becomes this pure sensation, and oh yes that feeling is so very addictive. And those feelings come back, perhaps through post hypnotic conditioning when ever I do something to please Her. She may have brainwashed me to have those feelings, I don’t care, I just know I want more of it, I want and need it each and every day!

For many, many people erotic hypnosis is a fetish, a fantasy. It is certainly that for me. However Goddess Haylee has made it real. For a time I didn’t know if that were possible, but She has opened my eyes to the reality, and there is no going back now, She is my Goddess, i am Hers!

It may come as no surprise due to the venue for me to say that Goddess Haylee’s erotic hypnosis is the best. But seriously, if I found myself on the moon some day, I might spell it out with neon rocks so the entire world could see. “Goddess Haylee’s erotic hypnosis is the best!!”

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Hypnosis is Erotic — 4 Comments

  1. I always enjoy your posts my brother slave. Our Goddess is beyond gifted……and when She tells us in Her relaxation video that we are going to “simply not care” whether or not we are hypnotized…..I understand Her perfectly.
    I do not care if I am “brainwashed” or under Her hypnotic trance 24/7 or anything else.
    All I care about is pleasing Her and wearing Her collar.
    I can tell You have come to feel the same! 🙂

    • Thank you! I do feel the same and it is the most amazing feeling. I also feel like you are kind of my big brother slave because I do absolutely feel a progression, I feel a deeper connection each and every day and I think that it infinite. My desire to please keeps growing stronger, my devotion keeps growing stronger too, being Hers is better today than it was yesterday. I feel like I have reached the ultimate, but still the measurement of ultimate keeps getting higher and higher 🙂

  2. Goddess Haylee’s erotic hypnosis is absolutely the BEST, however for me, it was and always been her control of me either through direct communication or her various blogs, websites and just the knowlege of her tremendous POWER.

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