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Yesterday I was reading a thread at the Femdom hypnosis site, Inraptured. The subject was about a new technology device that could be worn to enhance the effects of hypnosis by sending electrical impulses to specific areas of the subject’s brain. There were only a couple of replies and not much else noteworthy beyond the original idea. Although that didn’t stop me from daydream about what Goddess Haylee might be able to do to my mind while one of these devices were connected to my brain.

I thought of Her hypnosis being able to completely rewrite my entire ability to think, to cause me to completely forget any memory She chose for me to forget. To transform me permanently to Her puppet on a string, no longer to have any thought on my own and likewise unable to perform any task unless commanded to do so.

Of course this is all erotic hypnosis fantasy, I wouldn’t be able to survive in such a state, realistically, and She likely wouldn’t want me in that state either. What good is a slave that needs to be told to do everything? Not that useful I might assume and She has made it clear that She both enjoys and desires for Her slaves to demonstrate their own creativity.

So let’s put away the fantasy for a moment and think about using such a technical device to enhance the normal hypnosis experience. Perhaps if it actually does work, maybe it would have the same effect on a hypnosis subject trancing to a session ten times after only trancing to the session once. If that were the case would I want to use such a device when Goddess Haylee hypnotized me?

The answer is no. Now I might qualify and say that if She chose to use me as a test subject, I would obey, but that is going down a different road. In the context of using such a device on a regular basis I feel would be contrary to the effects and experience I have when Goddess Haylee hypnotizes me.

For me the most important thing, the greatest affect Her hypnosis has on me is the connection. The fact that every time She hypnotizes me, my trust in Her grows stronger and I feel closer to Her. I become closer to Her. While at the same time Her hypnosis is training me, conditioning my mind in the ways that She herself desires. If it were not that connection, what would be the point? If someone just wanted to be mindlessly hypnotized, there are plenty of voice generators and strobe like graphics that could do the trick. For me, Goddess Haylee’s hypnosis is all about developing an ever growing connection with Her.

So what would be the problem about using a machine to enhance this experience? Simply said, it might interfere with that connection. Perhaps the machine has side effects, perhaps the effect of using it causes one to become addiction to those effects. I don’t want to be addicted to a thing and the only person I want to be addicted too is Goddess Haylee.  There may be a dozen other reasons, the primary is that Her hypnosis is most effective for me because of the unfiltered pure connection She has with my mind.

Hypnosis with Goddess Haylee is an important part of my daily routine. If I miss even one day because I had to work late or some other reason, I notice the effects, my ears miss the sound of Her voice caressing them. My spirit and mind now crave Her hypnosis, I guess you can call that an addiction, but it’s an amazing addiction to have.

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    • Yes, apparently it does exist, that’s what started the thread, someone found out it was available. It’s called a transcranial direct current stimulation headset. I did a couple of searches and found a picture of one. Most of what they were talking about was out of my league so I didn’t spend too much time on it.

  1. I am not a technology person anyway…..but this device would not be my cup of tea. I agree with you…..hypnosis is now and forever exclusively the right of my OWNER. Her name is Goddess Haylee.
    I belong to Her have no interest in any other hypnotist.

    • I think there are many people out there who have a different perception of hypnosis. Some think of it more as going on some kind of supernatural trip, so they are only chasing that experience. While hypnosis in my mind is something completely different. You and I understand it is about a connection with Goddess Haylee. And that understanding is a very beautiful thing.

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