Hypnotic Kiss

Hypnotic Kiss

This has happened to all of us. Whenever we’ve experienced something so unimaginably beautiful or overwhelming rather it’s a song, a person, a speech, a touch, or a highly emotional kiss our brain is triggered by strong emotional stimuli that is capable of sending a literal shiver down our spine.

It releases a cocktail of hormones, one of which is dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure hormone. Some suggest that such a thing can occur when invested visualization is taking place or sound sets off an overwhelming emotion in which the brain responds through a sudden alternate muscle contraction and relaxation. Sometimes it could also be the sudden changes in rhythm of music or voice that trigger such a reaction. A sudden touch, sound, or even a deeply felt kiss.

And again, you experience that electrical shudder. From time to time that shudder occurs when I hear the lively beautiful sound of Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s voice as it reverberates down the cooridors of my mind.

Feel her inside of you

Feel her inside of you

I recall many times while trancing to the voice of Hypnotic Haylee Lynn that I felt the tingling sensation of what I can only describe as Goddess Haylee’s hypnotic kiss traveling from top to root of my spine, electrifying both mind and body. The pleasurable sensation of her hypnotic erotic kiss is sometimes felt. I know that it is enslaving me more and more as I go deeply into trance with her. Bringing me further to my knees before her power and grace. Knees which become increasingly WEAK for her perfection. I’m needing her more than before. A tingle down the spine may not be apparent when you experience Goddess Haylee‘s hypnotic enslavement kiss. You may or may not ever feel the shiver down your spine when listening to her MP3s, or watching her videos. However her words will always have it’s powerful effect all the same.

A hypnotic kiss may be a supernatural anomaly of which very few women possess. Some mythology buffs, or super hero fans may even refer to it a super power of sorts. Goddess Haylee has mastered the ability of making any trainable person into a personal mind slave.  And she does so through giving our minds a single soft, passionate, caressing wet kiss which captures us. She thus making us Hers forever.

To Be Truly & Completely OWNED

Blowing kisses our way. <3

So what is a hypnotic kiss? Super wikipedia defines a hypnotic kiss (aka Control Kiss, Enslavement Kiss) as follows:

“Upon kissing another, the user is able to mentally control and manipulate the minds of their victims, effectively making the victim a slave to the user’s will. With but one kiss, the user can send an opponent into mindless servitude and render them helpless in opposition towards the user.”

We as willing, loyal, obedient slaves to our powerful dominant seductress Hypnotic Haylee Lynn certainly do not view ourselves as victims to her hypnotic kiss, but willing participants. Her power is renowned in the erotic hypnosis community. She is one of the most popular erotic hypno-dommes in the entire industry. Her words carry fire whose flames feel so warm and comfortable while massaging your mind into a pleasurable erotic slumber. All while falling deep under Hypnotic Haylee’s beautiful control. Her hypnotic kiss will numb your mind with pleasures galore.

Repeat smooches of Goddess Haylee‘s hypnotic kiss are inevitable for any and all who hear the allure of her sweet resounding voice. As you listen, you’d find the heat of her flames increasingly hot. Then you may soon find yourself to be a completely owned, obedient, weak, craving, submissive, and blissfully controlled SLAVE to Goddess Haylee Lynn. So blissfully owned!

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical

“Join me in Bliss” -Hypnotic Haylee

You will find the smoothness of her velvety voice slipping over your mind more each time like a fine fitted silky shirt over your body. And It fits just right. 😉

All that you have to do is give in to her control. Give in to her bliss. Feel her hypnotic kiss enslaving you further. Let her words take root and grow inside of your mind as you become what you were always meant to be. Her property. Her possession. Her submissive little boytoy. Her slave. I urge you reader, to do so today.

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  1. Another great blog, I am so delighted that you are writing regularly, and writing such great articles! Although I write more articles, yours are longer, so in terms of words, you are writing more than me! It is great to have another regular contributor!

  2. Damn maddox you just get better, and better bro. Your writing talents are amazing. I’ll stick too commenting *smirks* awesome blog i love reading your stuff.

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