Internet Hypnosis etc 1997-now

Internet Hypnosis etc 1997-now

Please read “First Encounters with Hypnosis” first.

I first had a home computer with Internet towards the end of 1997. At that time I knew nothing of chat rooms etc and it was before social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter had started.

I did my first searches on “Female Hypnotist” and came across some female stage hypnotists and some female hypnotherapists, and even in those days, there were some erotic female hypnotists. One or two of them are still on the scene. I even exchanged a note or two with one or two of them. Somebody I had exchanged a message with me invited me to chat in the mIRC chat rooms.

mIRC was the first Internet chat system I used

mIRC was the first Internet chat system I used

So in 1998 I joined and started chatting. There was rooms such as Hypnofantasia, On that system, all the exchanges are of way of text. I can remember having my first text trance then. She used a progressive relaxation technique on me.

In 1999 I met a couple of the ladies I met in these rooms in real life. Both of them turned out to be male to female transgendered. of course with only exchanging messages by text, it was impossible for me to know these things before meeting them. I have written about these meetings in more depth elsewhere on here.

I had separated in 1996, divorced in 1997, I was a single dad, looking for a female mate. Some of the relationship I formed were very deep, and it hurt like mad when they ended.

Eventually in 2001, I did meet a girl on mIRC and hit it off with her. It was not in a hypnosis room, I think the room was called UK+. She was from London, and we started meeting regularly. We got engaged towards the end of 2001. For a time I gave up internet chat rooms.

After a few years, I did drift back to them, only this time I tended to use Yahoo. I have also already talked about elsewhere about an on-line relationship I had in 2005 with a lady hypnotist from Texas.

In 2007 my relationship with my girlfriend from London eventually came to an end. We realised that she was never going to move up here, and I was never going to move down there. I soon met my present lady friend, and she moved in with me later in the same year.

For a while I gave up Internet relationships for a while. Then i developed an interest in Youtube and the female hypnotists there. That was my first connection with Goddess Haylee Lynn. I was just completely taken by HER eye fixation video. I watched it daily for weeks. I still enjoy watching it now, although “thoughts washed away” has replaced it as my favorite video. There is just something about HER that fascinates me. Yes of course there are the beautiful bright green eyes, the soft purring voice, the gentle way SHE slowly and surely leads me into HER wonderful trances on HER MP3s and HER videos, the beautiful porcelain skin, the perfect features, but there is something more, much more – the way SHE accepts me the way i am – the way SHE puts up with me for all my faults, the way SHE so wonderfully molds and manipulates me in such a caring, controlling way, there is just something about HER that demands my attention, demands my loyalty, my all.

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Internet Hypnosis etc 1997-now — 4 Comments

  1. My path was very similar to yours, I also got started on mIRC and later on Yahoo. I remember just how exciting it was that other people had the same kind of interests that I had. I did however learn after awhile that nearly everyone on line at that time was male even though many took on the role of female. Around that time I became very interested in learning about hypnosis, read a lot of books and even started looking for some schools where I could learn. To me it seemed like the UK was the center of the hypnosis universe, because every time I did find a school, it seemed like it was always in the UK. After awhile it seemed like online hypnosis started getting organized. Dozens of web sites started popping up, you could actually purchase and download erotic hypnosis from a true female hypnotist. That was fun for a time, but it also seemed like there was a lot of politics too. Some of that was uncomfortable and after a time I grew disillusioned. Up until the time I first watched Goddess Haylee’s video, I had lost most interest in hypnosis, but She made me feel as though I was experiencing it all for the very first time. It still feels that way several weeks later. 🙂

  2. Interesting! What years were you on mIRC? I wonder if we knew each other then? I had a completely different ID then of course…

    • I don’t remember the exact years but it had to have been close to 97-98, I’m pretty sure I was still using a dial up modem. I don’t know that I ever made any friends on mIRC, I think that I got to know some names as I would see them listed in the rooms. It seemed like a good portion of the time, there would be several people in the room, but no one was saying anything. I was so naive at the time I didn’t realize it was because people were in private chats with one another. At the time it just all seemed very exotic to me. Regardless of the topic, just that people could be communicating with people all over the world.

  3. Yes, that sounds about right. I think I called myself hypno_chas or something similar. Yes I found it quite frustrating, hanging around the hypno rooms, waiting for someone to chat with me, and hopefully trance me. Today quite a number of people will hang around sites like Facebook, appearing to be on-line, but in fact quite often doing something else. I think people used to do that in mIRC too. Also as you said, people were in private conversations.

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