Introduction/Explanation of ASMR

Introduction/Explanation of ASMR by Bob the Mob

A few of you already know my general background, but for those who don’t, I’m sort of an odd-man-out here.

I’m probably the only person on this site who doesn’t worship Haylee, as I’m a devout Roman Catholic.

Now before ya start throwing rocks at me, Haylee herself invited me here; she was well aware of my beliefs.

She said that she thought the site could benefit from my creativity, and from ASMR. I was honored.

Which brings up the second part of this: ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it’s basically a tingling feeling within the head and/or relaxation. I had first informed Haylee of it in her Relaxation vid on YouTube.

I’d like to give all of you another example, one that I’m proud to say I myself made since Samhain was coming up:

N'awlins Voodoo Shop Role Play (ASMR) Youtube video

N’awlins Voodoo Shop Role Play (ASMR) Youtube video

I hope to make more in the future, including one that would be a joint-production w/ Haylee.

Hope my/hopefully someday our vids soothe ya! 🙂

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Introduction/Explanation of ASMR — 6 Comments

  1. AS far as I am concerned, you are more than welcome here, many thanks for making and sharing. I have edited your post slightly, so improve its SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), I hope you don’t mind

  2. I love your creativity, and ASMR is something that I really want to expand on, and would love to collaborate with you on a joint project sometime 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m trying to work on a script that we could work with; it might take a little while, but I’ll keep you informed as it becomes more.

      I think this should be a lot of fun! 😀

  3. Of course you are very welcome here and I think that it is really cool that you sharing what might be for many very unique. I too experience ASMR and for the past couple of years have watched many videos on youtube. In the course of doing that one night was when I came across Goddess Haylee’s video for the first time. This is an interesting video, I enjoy the creative twist from many of the videos out there. There are a couple of natural sound effects here that are triggers of mine to be sure. Very cool!

    • Thank you!

      I’m glad you like it. I’ve always enjoyed trying out new kinds of things, things no one seemed to have done before; and that’s what I strive to do w/ these vids.

      So expect more! 🙂

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