“What was that?” Haylee awoke from her deep sleep. There was clearly someone else in the house. There shouldn’t be anyone else. Her husband Bruce was away on vacation. He was on a hiking holiday. He had taken the dogs with him. Haylee couldn’t go, as she had to daily call on a sick relative and nurse her. She was home alone. “Had Bruce returned unexpectedly?” she thought to herself. “Was he missing me as much as I was missing him?” She quickly put on her dressing gown and slippers and rushed down stairs, without even putting her glasses or watch on.

The man she saw though was not the person she hoped it was. It was not her beloved Bruce at all. He was an unwelcome intruder! He was dressed in black, and badly shaven. Both Haylee and he jumped in surprise when they saw each other. He was really the first to collect his thoughts. He got a gun out and pointed it at her.

“I’ve been searching here, looking for something valuable. Now, hand it over, you must have something.” The intruder said, in a rough voice.

Haylee’s first reaction was fear. She thought fast.

“Yes I have a crystal diamond pendant, it is worth a fortune.”

“It is also one that I hypnotize people with.” She thought to herself, as she regained her composure.

“Hand it over then.” Demanded the intruder.

“Why of course, if you want me to. I’d do anything to please you, just please don’t shoot me.” She said, already practising her velvety voice on him. “Its up here.” She stood on a black chair and reached for a box on a high shelf, very much aware that he would have a good view of her gorgeous back.

Still standing on the chair, so that she was above the robber, she got the pendant out, turned round and showed it to him.

“See that? It’s pretty isn’t it?”

Then started swinging it back and forth, while speaking in the sexiest, sweetest voice she could muster. The intruder was looking up at her, and she knew if he continued to look up at her, his eyes would naturally tire after a while.


Haylee started swinging the crystal diamond pendant in front of the intruder

“Look at this. This diamond has fascinating colours in it, if you swing it back and forth. Watch the diamond swing. If you watch really closely you will see all the colours in it. But you have to focus all your attention on it to see its full beauty. Listen to me, watch the pretty diamond swing back and forth and soon you will be able to see all the pretty colours. That is what makes this diamond special. That is what makes it valuable. Can you see the colours yet?”

“Not really.” The intruder replied.

“Damn!” though Haylee, “He is not as good as a subject as I had hoped. He is not as suggestible as I wanted him to be. Never mind. I’ll keep trying. At least he is watching the pendant and listening to me, and isn’t aware that I am trying to hypnotize him”

“Yes it can take time before you start to notice them. You have to just relax and open your mind if you want to see the colours. Don’t think about anything else, just listen very carefully to the sound of my voice and watch the pendant very closely. Look deep inside the pendant as it swings back and forth. Look at how shiny and beautiful my necklace is.  Just look at the necklace and feel your body becoming very relaxed and very heavy. Soon you will be relaxed enough to start to see the colours. Can you see the colours yet?”

“Yes, pretty colours.” The intruder replied  in agreement. his voice was more monotone this time.

“Good! About time too, he is starting to fall.” Haylee thought to herself. She continued to purr her induction to him.

“You see a small light inside my necklace and it is becoming brighter and brighter causing you to feel warm, comfortable and very sleepy. Your body is becoming more and more relaxed and you becoming sleepier and sleepier. It is the middle of the night, you really should be sleeping. You are so tired and heavy, I can see it in your eyes. Why don’t you sit in this chair and relax for a while?”

She got down from the chair, and helped the intruder to sit in it, while she continued to swing the pendant and talk to him.

“That is better. You’ve now got the weight off your feet. Keep focusing on the pretty colours of my pendant as it swings back and forth, back and forth.”

She was now swinging the pendant below face so that he was now looking down at the pendant. His eyes were half-closed as he looked down at it.

The intruder felt his body melting into the chair she had him sit down in and felt his eyes begin to give way to gravity. As his eyes drooped and then fought to stay open and then drooped again Haylee smiled and was happy to see her plan working so well. She continued talking in her sweet, velvety voice, taking him all the way down.

She said “The colours are becoming bigger and bigger and you are falling deeper and deeper. Your eyes just cannot seem to stay open any longer and as the warmth from my necklace covers your body you feel your eyes closing, closing; so heavy now. When I count to three your eyes will shut tight, and you will be fast asleep.”

She counted to three and his eyes shut completely. She continued to weave her magic, softly telling him to sleep deeper and deeper as she gently stroked his hair and the sides of his face. His arms slumped to the sides of the chair. She tried to ease the gun out of his hand. Automatically, he tightened his grip on the gun. She realised she needed to take him deeper still. So she did some progressive relaxation on him, starting with his toes, she told him to curl up and then relax his toes. Then she moved onto his feet and gradually worked her way right up his body to his shoulders, and then down his arms to his hands. This when she told him to relax his hand, his grip on the gun relaxed, and she was able to ease it away from his hand.

She then told her intruder to sleep deeply. She returned to her bedroom. She phoned the police and they agreed to send officers round. She explained the situation, and asked them not to make any noise when they arrived. She then went downstairs and watched him like a hawk as he slept. She knew that she had put him deeply under, but all the same, he could be woken. She was ready to work her magic again on him, should he show signs of waking, but this time her skills were not needed again.

After what seemed like an eternity, the police finally arrived. She woke the intruder up, and he was led away. As the police handcuffed him, she couldn’t help admiring the cuffs. “Mmm they would make a useful addition to my toybox.” She thought. “Especially useful if I have any more night-time intruders!”

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