Is Goddess Haylee my Superior?

This post is about my feeling’s about Female Superiority and if I feel that Goddess Haylee is in fact my Superior.

Firstly, I will just say YES to that last question. And I will add that I do not believe in female superiority per se but I do believe that there are Superior Females.     

I have discussed this concept a little before but it is a huge trigger for me sexually and I believe deserves a little more examination. I do not think it follows that my love of feeling beneath Her, of NEEDING to kneel and surrender to Her Power, equals low self esteem.

There are lots of women who could over power me sexually and there are a greatly larger number of women who would stand no prayer of doing so. And just because some hot woman puts on some sexy clothes and decides to get tough has nothing to do with being able to make me feel She is my Superior. I have very specific tastes and I am drawn to certain qualities and Her intellect must be at the least a match to Her beauty.


There are certain very specific area’s in life where I am certain that my talents and my experience are superior to Goddess Haylee’s or to any other Domina I might feel is my “Superior” but I am not talking about one tiny aspect or skill or ability.

I am talking about a relationship where two people meet in intimacy.

I am talking about when two people hook up and the ALL of one is presented to the ALL of the other. When I first met my former Mistress I instantly knew……….we both did……..that I MUST bow to her. And with my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn there was quite instantly NO DOUBT that I MUST kneel beneath Her Power if I was going to stick around.

Yesterday I found some dominant women on twitter named Irene Adler with a picture of the new Sherlock Holmes on her twitter page and I am a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan and I love this modern interpretation of the character and so I decided to follow her for awhile. She simply says “know when you are beaten” and………..I can look at her and know instantly that if I was single and not the collared slave I am that we would both know the score in a split second.

She has that “it” quality that is undeniably Superior or at least it is to me.

I suppose in the end it is different for each one of us and a matter of personal chemistry as to the “type” and the “style” and all of the mysterious qualities that cause us to swoon over one beauty and be completely indifferent to the next one.

And for the record I also know that many men have superior qualities to me as well but my sexuality belongs to the feminine and completely and there is no way that the ALL of me will ever present itself to any man. It is not about gender equity. Of course every human being is a Divine child of God/Goddess and is worthy of Love.


But there is something about my personality……….something deep and undeniable……….and I have always known that I NEEDED to find Her……….that I would KNOW instantly……….that I was in the presence of my SUPERIOR and that I would Bow to Her.


When I look into Her Eyes I know……………my place is to bow to Her. I must obey my Superior. I must serve Her and honor Her and kneel at Her Throne. 

Thank You my Goddess Haylee Lynn for being my Superior. For allowing me to experience the Bliss of wearing Your collar and attending to Your pleasure and commands.

At least I know one thing……….I know when I am beaten.

Her slave now, Her slave always, forever and beyond      Claude        

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  1. Always nice to hear from you Claude. Glad to hear you are a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. I hope you liked my Haylee Lynn/ Vox Siren story which featured Holmes.

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