Jack lived out his idyllic bachelor live. At work he was a rich city banker. Then he would come home to his block of flats – well actually they were grander than that – they were plush expensive apartments over looking the river.  entire basement area of the complex was a gym that would put most high end gyms to shame. Jack was not very respectful to women. He had plenty of time to work out and had all his meals precooked and dropped off at his place once a week. This allowed him to maintain his physique and afforded him a lifestyle that most men would have killed for.

One day he was in the gym lifting weights when a friend of his came in. Jack said, “Hey Dennis did you take the day off?”

Dennis said, “No, just left work early. Thought I would squeeze in a workout before the wife gets home and makes other plans for my free time if you know what I mean.”

Jack laughed and said, “No I don’t know what you mean and I have no intention of knowing what you mean. I am a free man with no ball and chain and I intend on staying that way.”

Dennis smiled and replied “Watch out ladies!”

Jack spotted a young lady on the treadmill and quietly said, “Keep it down; I think that woman over there is listening into our conversation. I don’t need the ladies in the building find out that I am forever a bachelor.”

Dennis looked over and said, “She’s got headphones on. She isn’t listening to a word we say. So who is on your list this weekend?”

Jack said, “Did you see that hot little number in apartment 2204? She asked me for my number in the elevator so if everything goes according to plan she will call sometime this week and wind up in my bed by this weekend. Then I’ll have to give her the speech about never settling down and see how she takes it.”

Dennis said, “You’re a pig but I love you anyway.”

Jack replied, “I will take that as a compliment and I love you too man.” Then they both laughed.

Haylee had made it a habit years ago to put on her headphones when exercising so men would not come up and hit on her. She plugged them into her MP3 player but she never turned it on. As Jack droned on with his chauvinistic blabber she became angrier and angrier but she made sure she did not show any reactions at all to the conversation taking place. She found it interesting to hear a true pig talk about women in that light.

Haylee decided that the young man needed to be taught a lesson. It wasn’t long before she had her chance. It all took place on the elevator as Haylee was bringing home her groceries. The elevator doors started to close on her and actually made contact with both her shoulders before reopening. Jack was standing towards the back of the elevator and as the elevator doors knocked the groceries from her hand Jack bent over to grab them and said, “Here, let me give you a hand.”

She recognized him immediately but he did not recognize her. He picked up a bag of carrots which had obviously been grown organically as they had soil on them, and handed them to her. As he did, they briefly made eye contact. He noticed her lovely large green eyes, beautifully surrounded by black framed glasses. The glasses seem to have a magnifying affect on her eyes, making them seem even bigger. For a second he was lost for words. He said, “Well hello there. I’m Jack King from apartment 2501. I live on the top floor.”


They made eye contact and he noticed her lovely large eyes.

Floors were somewhat of a stature thing in their city, the higher up you lived, the higher your status. He had meant to impress by the comment. She replied, “I guess you will not mind stopping a floor early to help me with my groceries then. I am so lucky I had a big strong man to help me today.”

Haylee reached up and gently caressed the necklace’s stone hanging between her breasts. Jack’s eyes went there immediately and said, “Yes, today is your lucky day.”

She watched the way his eyes widened when she caressed her necklace and thought, “Yes, today is my lucky day since I’ve been looking for a new slave and wanted to teach you a lesson.”

Then she said, “Hmm, I am one lucky lady. Follow me to my apartment.”

Jack was not accustomed to women telling him what to do but he longed to look into her eyes again. Her powerful commanding presence made Jack follow her down the hallway like a lost puppy following someone home after they pet it.

When she stepped inside, he followed her in, and she shut the door. She put her groceries on a table and lit a candle. The candle burned with a vanilla essence, that Jack somehow found intoxicating. She clicked her fingers and pointed to a space on the table next to where she had put her groceries. Without speaking he automatically put the groceries he was carrying next to the others.

Again Jack was fascinated at how easily she seemed to control the situation. He wanted to prolong his contact with her, so asked “So, would you like to grab a bite to eat or go out for drinks or something?”

She took off her necklace and held it high, so that her eyes were on the same level as it. She spun the stone in her necklace round. As she spun the stone she said, “What’s the use in that. I know what you want. You know what you want. All you have to do is tell me what colour the flame inside my stone is and I will give you what you want.”

He looked at the stone and said, “I don’t see a flame.”

She said, “That is because you are looking at the surface of the stone. Look deep into the inner core of the stone and clear your mind. As you clear your mind and focus on the stone you should be able to relax and begin to see the flame. Just look deep into the stone and clear your mind of all thought and the flame will jump to life right before your eyes.”

Her voice was soft and velvety, and soothing to the ear. Jack loved listening to her. The vanilla aroma of the candle seemed to be filling the room, filling his senses. He stared at the stone and tried to clear his thoughts but all he could seem to think about was the stone and the two beautiful eyes behind the stone. Then just as he was about to tell her he still did not see the flame he saw just a glimmer of flame. He said, “I think I see it.”

Haylee said, “I knew you could do it. Only very intelligent people can clear their minds and relax enough to be able to see the flame. Now continue to clear your mind of all thought and just listen to my voice as the flame grows and grows. You should have noticed by now that the bigger the flame becomes the more relaxed you become. Looking deeper and deeper into the stone’s flame makes your eyes heavy and tired but it is so rewarding to be able to see the flame that only few can see isn’t it?”

Jack was so impressed with himself that the idea of being able to see something others could not did not even cause him to question the situation. He simply said, “Yes it is.”

She said, “Now as you watch the flame inside my stone dancing and entrancing you can see the color of the flame turning from a bright orange to a blue orange. As the flame begins to darken you notice how incredibly relaxed you feel from looking at the flame. It is so relaxing and so compelling that you can feel every muscle in your body beginning to relax and become heavy. As you stare deeper and deeper into my stone you become more and more relaxed. Just watch the flame dance and listen to my soft soothing voice.”

He had not noticed the change but she had lowered her voice into the voice she had used to induce trances in so many subjects before. He also had not noticed that the flame had become the only thing he was focused on and her words were bypassing all his usual defences. His muscles were relaxing and his limbs felt heavy and lethargic.

Haylee was enjoying seeing Jack go under and continued her induction. She said, “Now notice how the flame turns from a blue orange and cools itself to a deep deep blue. As the flame cools down you become drowsy, very drowsy. As it slowly turns to blue your eyes grow heavier and heavier as you become drowsier and drowsier. Notice how the flame turns to a deeper and deeper blue as your eyes grow heavier and heavier. You and the flame are becoming one. The flame is beautiful and irresistible and you find that as the flame becomes more blue you become even drowsier.”

Jack was hypnotized. There was no doubt in Haylee’s mind that the man that stood before her was out on his feet but she wanted to put him under as deep as she had ever put anyone under because she was about to rewrite the way he looked at life. She knew she could not hypnotize a man to go against his core instincts so she was going to need to go around them and make him think he chose a new path. First, she needed to take him deeper.

She said, “You and the flame have become one. You can see the flame becoming smaller and smaller now and as the flame slowly extinguishes itself you slowly extinguish all self-thought. You have become one with the dwindling flame and as you slip into a deep deep sleep you become one with my words. Watch as the flame slowly dies out and as it slips away from your vision you just close your eyes and fall into a deep sleep where you hear only my voice as it echoes through the chambers of your mind. Sleep for me now; sleep for me.”

His eyes opened and closed for a few seconds before they finally remain closed. She took his hand and guiding backwards two feet she said, “When I give the command you will sit down into the soft comfortable chair waiting for you. As soon as you hit the seat you will become ten times more relaxed and will fall ten times deeper into your sleep. You may sit down now Jack.”

When his body hit the seat his whole body went limp and his head slowly tilted to one side. Haylee said, “Your whole life you have avoided a meaningful relationship with women and have used them for your own sexual desires haven’t you?”

Jack said yes without hesitation and Haylee replied, “And your whole life you have waited for and longed for a woman that could capture your attention and your heart. Your whole life you have longed for a woman that made life more exciting and now you have found her. I am so powerful, so dominant, so beautiful and so intriguing that you realize I am the woman you have longed for your entire life. You will do anything to make me happy because you are mesmerized by my feminine power. My power is intoxicating to you and you crave it like nothing you have craved before. The desire is so strong that it makes you submissive and obedient to me. What does your desire for me do?”

Jack replied, “My desire for you makes me submissive and obedient.”

Haylee said, “Yes my dear; that is correct. Like a wonderful circle you find that being submissive and obedient increases your desire for me and your desire for me makes you more submissive and more obedient. Submissiveness and obedience bring you great happiness and increases your desire. You love giving into your desires and so you realize now that in order to be happy you must make me happy first. The happier you can make me by submitting to my will and obeying me the happier you are. Now tell me dear; what makes the happiest?”

He replied, “Making you happy is what makes me happiest.”

Haylee said, “The thing that makes me happiest is when my new obedient and submissive man recognizes that he is my slave and that I am his Goddess. I am a powerful and dominant Goddess and you love being a submissive and obedient slave. You are so excited to be able to serve me aren’t you my slave?”

Jack replied, “Yes my Goddess; I am very excited to be able to serve you.”

She said, “Then it is time for you to awaken and serve me. When I count to five and snap my fingers you will awaken. Your last memory will be me saying I know what you want and you know what you want. You will immediately tell me how you feel and then I’ll take over from there. One, you are beginning to feel the heaviness in your body lifting. Two, your mind is beginning to awaken. Three, you are becoming more and more aware. Four, you are almost fully awake. Five, you were saying?”

Jack seemed confused at first and then said, “Oh right. I was saying I wanted to take you for drinks or dinner but I have to be honest; I want so much more. From the moment I set eyes on you I knew you were a Goddess  and a woman that should be served and obeyed. Nothing would make me happier than making you happy and I would be honoured if you would allow me to serve you as your slave.”

Haylee said, “Well I must admit I have never had a man throw himself at me like that. Since I am a Goddess and you are a slave don’t you think it would be appropriate for you to kneel at my feet and tell me what else you want?”

He fell to his knees as he said, “Yes my Goddess; I’m sorry for not thinking of that myself. I want to adore you, I want to worship you and I want to rock your world. All I care about is your pleasure.”

Haylee said, “Good boy. Now sleep for me.”


The next day Dennis came into the gym and saw Jack weight lifting.  There was an attractive lady on the treadmill. There was just the three of them in the gym. Jack seemed to be staring at her in the mirror and smiling. He seemed captivated. Dennis said, “Hey buddy, try not to be so obvious. That isn’t your style at all.”

Haylee brought the treadmill to a stop and snapped her fingers and said, “Mop up this sweat. Now!”

Jack ran over with his workout towel and began mopping up the sweat that had fallen to the treadmill. She stood over him watching. Then he kissed each foot and said, “May I return to my workout now my Goddess?”

She looked over at Dennis’s mouth open and said, “Sure dear; you may return to your workout after you fetch my water for me.”

Dennis said, “I don’t believe my eyes.”

Haylee walked over to Dennis, and pulling her necklace to her fingertips said, “Then you really won’t believe how incredibly beautiful the flame in this crystal is.”

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