Just a moment with Goddess Haylee

I breathed in deeply, with my eyes pressed shut. Taking it in. The refreshing, 70 degree air on a December day! I smiled and hopped up onto the couch seat of my Ford truck. Today, was a bit different. I didn’t turn on the radio, or do a last moment check for text messages before I threw the truck into reverse. I very gently backed from the driveway with a sense of gratitude for the mild warm break in weather, and had a generally peaceful calm about me. As I drove down the road, the sun glazed into my eyes when i veered off into the back end of a old corn field. I drove down the bumpy clay path tethered with hills, crevasses and mud puddles all the way back past the field and into a wooded trail with tall trees on either side, until i reached a clearing in a grove.


It was one of my favorite hiking spots. From this location, I often enjoy walking up and down the trails which all meet at the far ends of this location. I love walking through the woods and dancing with the glories of natures beauty. I hopped from the truck and walked to it’s front. On the still warm hood of the truck, I hopped my ass up and slid back to rest the cradle of my back onto the windshield.. Folded my arms and then my legs at the ankles and just stared straight ahead of me.

The Witch In The Woods

It was gorgeous. There, just ahead of the clearing was a flowing river of which water sparkled at points from it’s muddied brown exterior. I watched the current of the waters wondering where it is going to end up.

I sighed and after some time I began to focus my attention on the sounds of the winds, the river, the birds, and all the wonderful sounds of nature that we often take for granted on a daily basis. I closed my eyes and within moments I found my mind drifting afar.. to a place of complete serenity warmth and peace.

It was such an amazing place. I had just been there a week before. There I was. Laying cozied before a warm hypnotic fire. Laying, snuggled against the chest of the mesmerizing Goddess Haylee Lynn . I remember feeling the sincere warmth and care. I remember feeling that magickal sense of complete owning, and belonging. I remembered how sensual it was, and feeling all of the same wondrous feelings that I had felt just one week ago when listening to Goddess Haylee’s amazing Naughty or Nice pt 2 MP3 that was released to her 25 dollars or more patreon pets. As in my mind I began to hear the soothing, ever pleasurable words of the enigmatic Goddess Haylee as she directed me to stare and focus onto the swirly, twirly, hypno lolipop….. It felt so real, and so right, as if this is exactly where I needed to be in this moment of time.


Naughty or nice?

Naughty or nice?

But as a muscle in my leg jerked, so was i jerked from this surreal, fantastic fantasy world. But not before being engulfed once again with the atmosphere of this euphoric place created inside of my mind by my superior, most powerful Goddess Haylee Lynn. Like smoke drifting, and clearing from the force of the wind, the warmth of the fireplace was soon replaced with the suns rays casting its warmth onto my flesh. The entire scenario slowly faded, as my eyes opened. Oh Goddess, Dont go! I thought. Knowing it had been but a short time. I found myself laying there. Kicked back on the hood of my truck. The only thing snuggling against me wasn’t the divine torso of a living Goddess, but was the stabbing of a windshield wiper blade into the side of my lower back. But it was beautiful. I appreciated the stabbing. I enjoyed today, and the entire dream state that I had just awoken from. It was wonderful while it lasted. A moment in time that will not soon be forgotten. It was a mere moment with my Goddess.

Favourite MP3

Fantasy? Real? Does it really matter? If you feel it, and experience it, isn’t it real to you? Isn’t that all that really matters? Goddess Haylee’s hypnosis, even though it was not fresh on the front of my mind today, had been burned deeply into my subconscious mind. Into my innermost deep desires. She said that she would create this wonderful place inside of my mind, and today I got to visit that place even if for a moment. SO Powerful. So penetrating. So much the signature of a True Goddess. I began to look up over the beautiful tall pine trees on the other side of the riverbank and up at the slowly drifting white clouds in the sky. What a beautiful site it was. But it’s beauty sits in second place in comparison to the beautiful high Goddess Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.


The ONE, the only, the lovely Goddess Haylee

It feels amazing, to allow her hypnosis to indwell you deeper than the deepest wells of the earth and when you aren’t even consciously aware, her words will find a way to make you aware. You just may find your mind drifting to it’s muse. To it’s Goddess. Thank you Goddess. Because i listened over a week ago, before falling ill to the flu, I had an absolutely beautiful experience today when I absolutely least expected. Goddess Hypnotic Haylee‘s magnificent power was there, inside of me, just as she intended.  It leveled the dams in my mind that were blocking me from thinking of what is most important and redirected my thoughts towards her, as they should be. They washed over my mind as the rushing of mighty waters. Goddess Haylee, Thank you for your supreme power. Thank you for your ownership. Thank you for instilling your words deep into our minds so that we think of you and need your control. Thank you for creating the bliss that you gift to all of us, your lowly servants. You are an astonishing Goddess, and we are lucky to be in your service. Until the next beautiful moment. I wish savor my time before your warm hypnotic fire.

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