lesser known facts about me

4 lesser known facts about me.

Straight onto the first of the facts!

1. I used to be a nude male model for art students. I once went into a trance when doing it. The teacher told me to stare at a point and not move my head. When they finished for a break, she had to give me a little nudge to make me come to.
2. I used to be a “lolly pop man” – helping primary school kids cross a road. I’ve also been a street cleaner, and worked in a factory. I can remember one of my work colleagues in the factory once asking me “have you really got three degree?” I replied “Yes…..you mean to tell me you haven’t? – knowing full well he didn’t have any degrees!” He enjoyed my reply!
3. I nearly died when I was 17. I used to ride this moped and “friends” got me drunk and I tried to ride it home. (We had previously agreed that they would give me a lift home in a car). I drove it into a tree and was left lying in a pool of blood. They picked me up and took me home and my mother took me to hospital. When I was coming to, I dreamt I was riding along the bit of road I never made it to. I now run a charity to help underprivileged kids in my city to learn to drive safely and legally.
4.I have been a county chess champion, and once played the then world chess champion Gary Kasparov, who took on the entire county chess team simultaneously.

5. Shortly after that ended I met my present girlfriend, and have lived very happily with her since 2007. And when I met YOU, my Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn earlier this year, I also had the hypnotic female to love and adore, that I had always wanted.

Meeting YOU made my happiness complete!

Facts about me – Meeting YOU made my happiness complete!

Many thanks for reading “lesser known facts about me”.


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