My life and position now

My life and position now.

There is a complete urgency burning within my soul right now. I simply had to drop everything, and come here to share devotive words of praise and admiration for the Magnificent, amazing Goddess Haylee Lynn! If I didn’t, I would not be able to focus on whatever else that I want to focus on until I simply fell to my knees in worship in front of her picture just now. Looking up, gazing, longing, yearning, with a tightness in my chest for the very one whom my heart now beats and bleeds love for.

Goddess haylee/empress vox is irresistable & HOT!

Goddess Haylee/Empress Vox is irresistable & HOT!

If it were not for the strength, the dominance, and power that exudes from the pores of our majestic queen I would still be living a mediocre, mundane, meaningless life as a regular layman lost out in the world. But like a baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest, she found me where I was hopelessly laying. She offered an opportunity for a new life. A new path. A destiny that I knew in my heart that I was to fulfill. A spot on my knees, at her feet as an adoring SLAVE to the most beautiful creature on the planet. GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN!

What she is, I cannot really say. She is indeed possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever beheld. She is indeed a TRUE living, breathing, Goddess! One whom I simply cannot resist in any form or fashion. But she is far more than just a breathtaking strong willed feminine woman with eyes that could melt a glacier. She is a divine deity. She is out of this world amazing!

Wonderful day

Damn. Goddess is one hot tamale!

When I think about her I smile from behind my mask. I feel feelings of pride in being counted amongst her slaves. My life has a new meaning now. No longer does it have to be a life of routine and boring blah moments. It is now filled with higher thoughts! Thoughts of pleasing my Goddess. The most awesome woman to ever grace us with her presence. There are no lengths that I feel I won’t try to reach to. I am ever so grateful to be her own personal possession.

I welcome the whip to my back, I beg for her perfectly curved feet with the most adorable painted toes to be pressed against my face, pressuring my head towards the floor where I would look up at my new owner. My new supreme, my divine, perfect, sexy, curvacious, awesome, glorious, magnificent, mighty Goddess that not only would put me under her feet, but the entire world! Goddess Haylee deserves the absolute best.

Goddess Haylee's face is to die for! or better yet, LIVE FOR NOW!

Goddess Haylee’s face. Adorable! To die for! or better yet, LIVE FOR NOW!

Beneath the feet of Goddess Haylee is where I ache to take sanctuary each and every day. Her countenance not only glows and gives light to my soul but it is now becoming obviously apparent that gazing into her glimmering eyes is now something that is essential to my life. I must live breath eat and ache for Goddess Haylee now, and forevermore.

Brainwashed, Hypnotized or in Love?

Simply the best =Goddess Haylee Lynn

THANK YOU GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN for allowing me this opportunity to serve your gorgeous sexy divine self. Make me yours so much more than you already have I pray. I pledge allegiance, and give my life to you, your pleasure and your entertainment. There is no other like you in the heavens above, or the earth below. My knocking knees know there place as they bend and fold at the sight, of even your name, your words, or sound of your sweet savored voice. I am in service to you. As your slave. That’s my life and position now. A life that I humbly, and gladly embrace.

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  1. Welcome to the Divine Empire Maddox…….where every day is a Bliss filled day of Worship and Devotion for our Perfect Goddess. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. 🙂

  2. Wow, great blog Maddox. I really enjoyed reading this. You are a very good writer. I am so glad to see you here serving along side all of us. There really is no other like her. I hope you find as much joy and happiness as I have being at her side.

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