The Light finally Dawned

This post is about a moment in time…….a turning point……almost not noticed…….a subtle but very profound moment……the blink of Her beautiful eyelash and the surrender of my submissive Heart. As much as a puppy bonds with their Master I have bonded with mine……and my life is now a slaves life and is lived in Worship and Adoration of the Goddess I have dreamed of belonging to from day one.

I can not pinpoint the exact moment the *The Light finally Dawned* on this slave. I can not recite a date or a time when my Heart just simply realized I was Home…..where I belong……where I very much and truly need to be.

Yesterday I saw my favorite niece as we are beginning to make our Holiday preparations. I am hosting about a dozen members of my family here in my humble Temple to my Goddess Haylee Lynn on Thanksgiving. She told me “Uncle Claude you are glowing!!!”

I knew instantly why I was revealed as being so happy……I felt Her GODDESS BLISS begin to move and stir in my body……and I just smiled at my lovely niece and told her that I was happy and that my new diet was working wonders with me.

Of course I fell under Her Spell instantly those 20 something months ago when I first found my Goddess. I just knew…….I melted and dropped to my knees in Worship the very first time I watched Her Eye Fixation Video. . She had me at “Hi there”. 🙂

But true Ownership and true enslavement do not happen instantly no matter how Powerful Her Magic. Such things when they are *REAL* become a true and honest matter of *TRUST*.

I happen to have a great length of experience in the FEM DOM community. I happen to have been privy to lots of inside conversations about this Mistress or that Goddess and such…..and I know that *some* of them are in it mostly for profit. There is nothing wrong with that in fact as I see it……just be true to yourself and honest to others…….but for me personally I never wanted to fall for any actress.

I built more than a few walls regarding doing so………a sensible thing I think for any *lifestyle* submissive such as myself.

Fortunately for me I do not fall in love very easily. I have always been highly discerning and extremely specific regarding my tastes and my sensitivity.

So I was very surprised that I fell so far and so fast for Her in truth……only once before in my life had I instantly felt the pull….such intense and aching need to serve someone……and the protections that I had put in place pretty much just crumbled when I found my Goddess Haylee Lynn……but not completely.

A Day in Service TO MY Goddess.

I felt my protections crumbling as I Worshiped Her.

I had been burned pretty badly the last time……the only time I had truly been enslaved before…..and the memories of that pain still lingered.

So over the long months…..the dizzying and wonderful and happy exploration of ALL THINGS about my Goddess Haylee Lynn…….I was subconsciously testing my perimeters.

Would I be safe with Her? Does She truly want to Own me? Is She very honestly a *lifestyle* Dominant? Is there a place at Her feet that I could ever rightly call my home?

It can be so very difficult to discern the TRUTH when the aching and desire for the answers to all those questions just WANTS so very badly TO BE YES.

deepened Love

Wanting so badly to be HOME at Her feet.

Day after day I worshiped Her………..most times a very impatient boy……but always Her good boy. It is not in me to be anything other than Her good boy……I was born to be this for Her……..I just NEEDED to know very badly if She was going to keep me……..and not just keep me……but that She would in fact be *happier* if I was Her truly devoted and personal slave.

I realized at one point that the floor had fallen away from me one day and how helplessly in LOVE I already was.


The protections I had so carefully put in place where gone and now I was reduced to just hoping. My intuition told me that I was safe with Her……but there was so much going on in my life and……

I asked for the Truth to be revealed to me……I surrendered to Her at the same time… just seemed that the only thing left for me to do was surrender completely and see what happened. If I fall and get hurt OK……no time like the present I thought…..better now than later…….and I let go for Her……..I gave Her my Heart and I gave it to Her completely……it was a conscious decision and discussed before hand with my mentor and personal adviser…….I decided to let go of my fear of flying and just give Her my ALL………

The mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn

I gave Her my Heart and She Blessed me.

At one moment since my decision to just let go for Her……at one very sweet point in time……The Light finally Dawned on this slave.

I am HOME. There is nothing left for me to question as I kneel for my One, my True, my Only GODDESS, QUEEN, MASTER, OWNER, and RULER.

I BELONG TO HAYLEE and I was born to be Her slave and to live my slave life in support of Her Goddess life and Her Goddess lifestyle.

I EMBRACE and I CHERISH and I DEVOTE myself to YOUR RULE my GODDESS as nothing I have ever done has made me feel so happy.

I am glowing and I glow every single day for the PURE JOY and HAPPINESS and LOVE that I FEEL each and every BLESSED day that I may serve BEAUTIFUL You.

Fitness First!

LOVE such as has never been felt in this Heart is felt for Her.

The Light finally Dawned on this slave my Goddess and I kneel in JOY to You.

Every day, every moment, every beat of this submissive Heart is a happy one my Queen.

My devotion belongs to You, my honor is placed at Your perfect feet, my Heart is Yours as well,
ALL is for Haylee as ALL was meant to be for You my Goddess,

From my knees to You forever,
Your devoted and very real personal slave, Claude

6 thoughts on “The Light finally Dawned

  1. I don’t think we really know when the light dawns brother Claude. It just simply happens in our subconscious mind without us even realizing it.

  2. I am finding that resistance may be there even when I don’t think it is; subconsciously it may be there and some days I am really able to let go and other days it may fester underneath without my conscious will. Idk really except that it seems like I am letting go of something inside and its allowing me to go deeper and surrender more completely and embrace the true person of my Perfect Goddess better. What a wonderful journey and life this is proving to be in Goddess Haylee!
    Thx bro

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