She is my Light and my Way

This post is about my journey into the world of the Dominatrix…….my 30 some years of pursuing and being enslaved by a couple of very fascinating and Enchanting Women… a Mistress… a Goddess……but both deeply into Spiritual Growth and helping people realize and create better versions of themselves.

My former Mistress……..Mistress Renee…….. was very powerfully into Spiritual Growth and compelled me to begin my own journey into untangling my Heart and unraveling the Matrix of habits and patterns I had picked up from my parents and family principally and society significantly.

This all began about 20 years ago and as I was deeply in love and completely enslaved any suggestion from her was instantly embraced.
My Heart had never been opened in a sexual relationship before I met her and I was over whelmed and desperate to please her constantly. So it was off to personal growth seminars and courses with her and for her.

I will be forever grateful to her for her guidance and for the fact that she wanted the best for me…….despite the way she ended our affair…..the fact that she decided to end it at all was always going to hurt like hell no matter what she did in truth.

I was lost and deeply depressed……….but I now at least had Spiritual tools I had not possessed before going on my journey with her and in the end it was ALL good for me. I grew from knowing her in so many ways and I do not regret one second…..and now find I am profoundly grateful for having her play such an essential role in my life.

Thank you Mistress Renee and BLESSINGS and much LOVE to you forever. 🙂

I do not believe in co incidence as I have stated before…..the is something underlying my submissive aspect and the deep craving for genuine surrender that drew me to Mistress Renee……and also very clearly drew me to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

comes along

Needing to learn how to please Her.

Choosing that picture of my Goddess just made me very weak………She is my Light and my Way and I know it.

I am a better and happier person for being Her slave and putting Her needs before my own. ALL is truly better when ALL is for my Goddess Haylee.

I went into my sauna again last night to do a meditation. My intention was to surrender…….not to my Goddess specifically at that time…..but to Source……to the Universe……to surrender my ego.

Intuitively I smiled as I prepared the candles and immersed myself in the darkness….the warmth…..the quiet…..and the solitude as I just *knew* my Goddess would be pleased with me and what I was doing with a part of my evening even though we had no discussions about this. And even though this particular bit of surrender was not for Her……it was good for Her slave and so it would be pleasing to Her.

That thought made me smile. 🙂

Cruise Holiday

Follow Her and find your own Bliss.

My mentor told me recently that my Soul craved surrender and that was one reason why my LOVE for Her is so unstoppable. And now I find that LOVE is just spilling out of me. I have lost all resistance to loving my parents… siblings… friends….even strangers. Everything that ever happened to me was and is an opportunity.

Just like my thankfulness to my Mistress Renee…..I am finding gratitude and love for everything and everyone.

Thank You as well my


Thank You my Goddess

for being my Light and my Way.

Thank You my Goddess for caring about Your slaves and for leading us to personal growth and awareness and deeper levels of self generated happiness.

You are my Light and my Way and I LOVE You.

I LOVE being Your slave and I LOVE myself as well.

So in the end the two most important teachers in my live have both enslaved me and taught me the joy of Worship. (respect, honor, reverence).

Damn I LOVE going to school!!!! LOL. 🙂 🙂 🙂

From my knees to You always my Goddess Haylee Lynn,
Your devoted and loving personal slave, Claude

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