A little highway trouble

A little highway trouble

Haylee was travelling back along the highway from spending New Year with her cousin, Jessica and her fiancé, Tom, when the front left tyre on her Lexus blew out.

She quickly pulled to the side of the highway and pulled out the card for her 24 hour highway assistance. She got out of the car but found that the strong northerly wind was far too cold to be out in. She quickly changed her mind and decided to wait for the highway tow truck in the comfort of her nice warm car.

The highway tow truck eventually pulled up off the highway and a man just a few years younger than she was got out of the truck. He was wearing army-style camouflage long pants and a black muscle shirt. Haylee put on her coat, scarf and hat as protection from the weather and climbed out of the car. She thanked him for coming and pointed to the flat tyre.

He started working on changing the tyre. Haylee admired his young physique. She was not after a lover, she was more than happy with her husband Bruce. Bruce however was not very mechanically minded. She thought to herself how wonderful it would be to have her own personal highway mechanic whenever she needed, especially a strong, muscular young man like the one working on her car. However hypnotizing him with the noise of the passing cars may be a problem, but hey, there is nothing like a challenge!

She walked over to where he was working. She said, “How’s it coming on?”

He said, “Once I found the right nut key it was no problem. I just need to put a little air into your spare tyre and you should be good to go. I think it would be safer if you waited the other side of your car ma’am. The highway is pretty busy today.”

She walked to the safe area in front of her and said, “What’s your name?”

He said, “Billy ma’am.”

“That is a nice name, and I like how respectful you are. That is a good quality in a man.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“It is a pretty cold day Billy, I have a Thermos with some nice hot coffee in it. Would you like some Billy? After all, you have earned it, coming to my rescue like this.” Her voice was soft and velvety, smooth and persuasive.

“Thanks ma’am, I don’t mind if I do.”

“I’m Haylee by the way.” She offered him her soft, delicate hand. He glanced at it, thought twice about shaking it, but eventually wiped his hands on his cloth and shook. Her hand was gentle and smooth and somehow the hand shake lasted a little longer than usual.

Her car was an estate, and after topping up the air in the spare type, he returned it to its place in the back of the car. He was about to close the back door to the car, when Haylee stopped him.

“Why don’t you sit here, while you drink your coffee?” Haylee suggested, motioning with her hand to the back of the car. He thought again for a few seconds. “After all, I’m sure you would be glad to take the weight off your feet. You have been working so hard for me.” She purred at him. He sat obediently.

She poured him a coffee, and they talked about this and that. She asked him where he came from and how long he had been doing the job. Then she said,

“I was admiring you when you were doing your work. I could see how absorbed you were in your work. For instance you were working hard, completely unaware of all this traffic passing by on the highway. It is very good to be able to concentrate like that, to completely lose yourself. For instance a lot of people seem to lose themselves in my eyes once they start looking into them. Look into my eyes Billy, and I will show you what I mean.”

A little highway trouble

A little highway problem.

She removed her glasses and looked into her eyes, and he was immediately caught by those wonderful wide eyes staring into his. He never ever had seen any eyes to compare with hers.

“Now look deep into my eyes and notice how the sound of cars whizzing by on the highway just seem to fade into the distance. All your are concentrating on is the sound of my voice and my big beautiful green eyes looking into yours. Would you like to look a little closer Billy?”

He managed to say “Yes please.” and she moved a little closer, and he noticed that her eyes seemed bigger than ever. He also noticed how the sound of the cars passing by was not nearly as prominent as it had been just a few minutes earlier. He dismissed it as coincidence and listened to what she had to say next. Haylee said, “There is just something about my face and my eyes that draws men to them and into them. Look deeper into my eyes Billy and feel how relaxed I make you feel. You are already feeling very comfortable with me and very relaxed aren’t you?”

He felt very comfortable with her and felt like she was being more than kind giving him coffee and chatting with him like. He said, “Yes, I am very relaxed.

She said, “Good to hear Billy. Notice how the sound of the highway gets further and further away and the only sound you hear is my voice. Notice how you no longer see the cars going by as you fall deeper into my eyes, deeper into my eyes.”

Billy was captivated by the older woman with the compelling voice and beautiful face. He felt like he was floating and his mind was clear of thought. It reminded him of the time he got dragged to a weekend resort and learned how meditate. Haylee’s soft soothing voice even kind of reminded him of the yoga instructor’s voice and the calming effect it had on him. He was not on a mat with his legs folded and he knew that but the feeling was very much the same and he was enjoying it.

Haylee said, “My eyes are so inviting and so intoxicating that as you look into them you feel as if you are being enveloped in my gaze. They are so relaxing and so irresistible that as you fall deeper and deeper into my eyes you feel all your worries, all your wants and all your thoughts leaving your mind and freeing it up to listen to my voice. You are falling into my eyes and becoming one with my voice. You are falling deep into my eyes and your mind is becoming one with my will. You are falling deeper and deeper and deeper; deeper and deeper.”

He felt like he was watching himself from afar. There he was standing on the side of a road completely beguiled by the woman standing in front of him. His mind was clear and seemed to be only responding to her words. He had let the yoga instructor take him into a deep state of relaxation and decided this experience was not much different.

Haylee knew he had already accepted his fate. She could see it by the look in his face and in his eyes so now she just needed to finish him off. She said, “Your mind is one with my voice. When I tap your forehead your eyes will close and you will fall into a deep hypnotic sleep. Nothing will awaken you except my command for you to awaken. Nothing can disturb you once I put you to sleep except my command to awaken.”

She reached out and touched his forehead. For just a second he had a surprised look on his face like he could not believe a simple touch could have that much power over him and then his eyes fluttered and closed. Haylee said, “Excellent. You can feel how my feminine power makes you weak and obedient to my will. You will very much enjoy this new feeling and the more you serve me the more you will wish to serve me. The more you serve me the deeper you will fall in love with me. This new feeling will be a submissive passive feeling that you only experience with me.

Haylee looked around and made sure no nosy people were coming up to see why her new toy Billy was sitting in the back of her car on the side of the highway with his eyes closed and his body slumped. No one had noticed or they had noticed but kept on driving.

She continued, “You will not remember being hypnotized. You will not remember anything except changing my tire and sharing a coffee with me. But you will be unable to resist any command I give you even when you are awake. When I awaken you all these things will come to be and you will be my slave with no memory of today’s happenings. When I count to three and snap my fingers you will awaken. One, you are beginning to awaken. Two, your body and mind are now aware of their surroundings and three, you are awake and alert.”

She smiled at him. He smiled back. “How do you feel Billy?”

“I feel great thanks. Somehow very refreshed. It must have been that coffee. Is there anything else I can do for you please?”

She smiled. The hypnosis had seemed to have been successful again.

“No thanks Billy, but it is very kind of you to offer.”

“OK, well here’s my card. if I can help you with anything, just contact me. I’d be delighted to help you out again.”

“Thank you Billy.” She replied taking the card from him. She knew she could have kept him there for hours, programming him, enslaving him even more, but that was enough for now, she had to get home, and he would have other highway calls he would have to get to. But she knew that if ever she needed him again, she would always be his first priority now.

“I guess I’d better hit the highway again. Thank again Billy, its been a pleasure meeting you.” They shook hands again, and she was on her way, pleased at having yet another slave to add to her list.

Did you like “A little highway trouble” trouble dear reader? Did you wish you were in Billy’s place? Well if so, you too can by hypnotized by Haylee Lynn in a similar way. Simply watch her eye fixation video on Youtube!

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