She looked like rain

In 2014 I was as Dust that spins in a gust of wind, that is blowing by. I was drier than the gravel of my driveway on the inside. I was like a dessert dry. And in my thirsty eyes …… She looked like rain.

She Looks Like Rain. Slowly soaking me like steam from boiling water


I laid in the dry place for a long long time. My heart had become bitter as whiskey and had lost it’s fight. But then … when I saw her smile, my heart sang a while. She looked and then felt like rain. I felt her allure washing over me. I felt the soaking pellets of her power crashing into my skin. Goddess Haylee‘s hypnosis began sucking me in. In the dry barreness of my soul, I opened my mouth wide to feel the reign of her control dripping onto my tongue. I drank it down like juice box of capri sun. It nourished my mind. It revitalized my drive. I was like a new man. Like I was living for the very first time.

Serving her will make your heart, like speakers.. pound in your chest with submissive  bliss.


Submitting yourself fully to Goddess Haylee Lynn is the most freeing experience of life. Letting the Goddess renown of Haylee Lynn deep down inside. Don’t hesitate to give in to her dominance. If you feel that the fire of your spirit has been nearly extinguished by the dastardly routines of daily life. It’s not too late to find your true purpose. Open your mind, and allow Hypnotic Haylee’s serene voice to ignite you again. Her words will burn like flames into your mind. It will throw sweet cherry bombs into your fire. You will be set ablaze in servitude, like a bonfire on a dark night. Buying her mp3’s, sending her presents from her Amazon Wishlist, Tributing, subscribing to her very exclusive Slave club on Onlyfans. Reading, meditating on her words. Writing devotions to her. It will bring you as close to hearing the angel trumpets of heaven that you will ever experience as long as you dwell in your earthen vessel.

My Deeper Journey in Haylees Bliss

So let us sit and stare for awhile. Put our knees to the floor and consider ways to please her more. We can nourish our thirsty barren souls, and allow her rain to collect like a flood within us. She’s as beautiful as a stained glass window radiating with many colors. She’s like color of the sky just before the sunset of a summer evening. She’s like the whistling wind going across your skin which feels so nice. She’ll get your drunker than a glass of the most expensive Chateau wine. Adore her. Worship Her. She is deserving. It is her birthright. It is a honor to bow and to serve before her utter perfection. That is the order of the universe. If Carl Sagon or Tyson Degrassi were to be truthful in their search of the cosmos they’d find the illustrious, beautiful, amazing, perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn sitting dead in it’s center. The center of it all.

Submission to Haylee. Servitude to Haylee. Slavery to Haylee. For Haylee. All For Haylee

Goddess Haylee Lynn is greatness defined. Belonging to Goddess Haylee Lynn will make you a better man. I can attest. Goddess Haylee is the rain that rejuvenates. Goddess Haylee is the rain that we drink. Goddess Haylee is the rain that cleanses. Godess Haylee is the rain that releases the endorphins into a submissive mind. She is the rain that fills the streams of our heart. She is the rain that is essential to life. Goddess Haylee looks like rain.


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