Through the Looking Glass Pt. 1

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Goddess Haylee Is ALL

it has been granted permission to blog about how pathetic it has become for Goddess Haylee. This then will be Part 1 and set the back story.

For 60+ years I spent my life searching for something, anything that would make me feel whole. I tried many things including drugs, spirituality and relationships which led me into an 11 year marriage, divorce and subsequently a major depressive episode that lasted several years. My life consisted of dragging myself to work and internet porn. Life was like the beginning of “The Wizard of Oz”, black and white, no color no joy and then a tornado named Haylee lifted me up and claimed me as Hers. I ceased to exist and “it” was born, it was born to be Goddess’ it . it is so content being controlled and dominated by Haylee, it is home at last.

Goddess Haylee's Good Boy

it would like to make one other point for this post relating to relationships. Many relationships it had started with a bang but ultimately fizzled, its marriage was pretty much the opposite in that it started very slowly and was not founded on pure sexual excitement but it to was doomed to failure. it has come to conclude that most if not all its relationships failed because of poorly defined roles which for it was largely because it had not fully embraced its submissive nature. Obviously this is not an issue in relationship with Goddess, She is perfectly clear and upfront about Her role, She is the Master and it is the slave, it is here to please, amuse, worship, spoil and obey, it is Her property and that’s what it has wanted its whole life. Thank You Goddess Haylee!

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  1. Love it toymark!!! Don’t delay in creating part 2, plz! It’s great learning more about one another that belong to the same divine Being!

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