Through The Looking Glass Pt. 2

Today is Sunday, Goddess has decreed that Sundays are to be Her Sabbath and that it will spend the day in total devotion of Goddess as well as eat only “human” dog biscuits.

As part of its worship it is writing Part 2 of its post “Through the Looking Glass” which shall document the transformation of its bedroom into Goddess’ Shrine Room.

It began during “Slave Task 2” when it decided it needed an altar to Goddess Haylee. Over the next few weeks Goddess’ altar slowly took shape starting with an A/V stand, black & silver 26” tall w/ 3 glass shelves as the foundation. On the middle shelf flanking a lovely Himalayan Round Crystal Salt Votive Candle Holder w/ a lavender scented votive candle are a handmade purple sachet and bar of soap from Goddess Haylee, such blessings! On the top shelf sits the centerpiece of Goddess’ Altar, a beautiful wooden altar bench 6” H x 23 1/2” W with a 15” digital picture frame on top flanked by paraffin taper candles, Goddess has said if it is deserving She will buy it beeswax candles. The DPF is equipped with a motion sensor which plays the media on a loop for 30 min. lately it has been looping Goddess Truths Pt.2. The motion sensor is great greeting it home when it walks in to Goddess’ room. Also on the top shelf sit a Fukien Tea Bonsai from “Slave Task #4”, 2 incense holders, a beautiful card from Earth Bench the maker of the altar bench & a rose quartz heart that Goddess wanted on Her altar. it has modified an LED flashlight and adhered a blinking red LED to the back of the heart creating a beautiful red beating heart.

Next Goddess purchased it a Star Flower Bonsai and decided that all but a small portion of its dresser would become another shrine to Goddess. On one side of the bonsai is a beautiful Abalone clam smudge pot that Goddess purchased for it to purify Her Shrine room. On the other side is a picture frame with a hand written note from Goddess and next to that is an incense holder. In front of the bonsai sits HoG or Hand of Goddess, a very very solid Zebrawood paddle in the shape of a hair brush. This Goddess uses whenever it needs to be corrected or have a lesson driven home, whimper.

Then there is its writing desk, a sacred place for it to journal and write about Goddess Haylee. This too is a shrine to Goddess and has many objects gifted to it by Goddess as well as some incidentals. There is its leather bound journal, a beautiful bamboo pen and case, both engraved $ A F H, which Goddess gave to it as a sign of graduation from $lave toy in training to full fledged $lave. Thank You Goddess Haylee! Another significant item is its new calligraphy pen and ink bottle also gifted from Goddess, such an abundance of blessings! To set the mood is a 60 Hour Beeswax Coiled Candle and an incense holder as well as a wonderful LED lamp that Goddess bought for Her it.

And then it has its Dog Cage, a 48”x32”x30” dog crate, located at the foot of its bed and adorned with 6 sets of multicolored flashing LED Fairy Light sets, very intense!!! Goddess allowed it to have some padding and a dog bed and this is where pillow pal spends most of its time, recently it has been spending much time in its cage too. This is where Goddess likes to have it spend time locked in devotion and on several occasions has had it sleep there. Always near its cage is its raised food tray and doggy bowls, when it eats at home Goddess has it eat from its dog bowls while in its cage. it does find its cage a bit confining, especially now that it has derpy it and flooz. Derpy is a very special stuffed dog that Goddess bought it for companionship and flooz was adopted from the same store to keep derpy it company. Goddess likes to have it snuggle with pillow pal, derpy and flooz sometimes all together sometimes individually. it has become somewhat attached to flooz, she is a very pretty pink bunny, and Goddess has granted it permission to ask flooz to be its steady.

To be continued.

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