Review of Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3

Review of Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3

Review of Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3

Review of Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3

It has always been my fantasy to be hypnotized to fall in love with a beautiful young female hypnotist. So when Goddess Haylee Lynn released “Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3”, I was very keen to have it. I already have a love-spell file by her, called “Be Mine”. I was interested to see how they compared.

So I duly bought “”Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3”. I was not disappointed! I lay on my back in bed, on my back, with my laptop on my chest listening to it in complete darkness. Her soft, gentle voice was soon leading me down into deep hypnosis. Very soon I was completely under her wonderful spell. Then came the suggestions and the programming. Soon I was wrapped up in a warm, powerful feeling of being completely in love with her. Eventually the file finished. I turned the laptop off and put it away. I was still surrounded by the feelings of loving her, needing her. I had an enormous erection. I turned over and masturbated. I’d not cum for weeks, and I emptied myself! Then it was clean up time. It had gone everywhere! I had been wearing pajamas, both the top and the bottom had to be changed. My under-sheet, plus the sheet under that had to be changed. Then I lay back in my bed. I slept like a log. I woke, refreshed, my love for her renewed.

So is it better than “Be Mine”? It is neither better or worse. It is different. I would say both are essential files for any devotee of Haylee Lynn. “Be Mine” includes a romantic scenario and that lovely suggestion at the end that the next drink you take will be a powerful love potion to make you fall even deeper in love with Haylee. Neither of these are in “Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3”. But then “Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3” has many things that “Be Mine” hasn’t got. So what are you waiting for? Why haven’t you bought it yet?

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Review of Love and Addiction Erotic Hypnosis MP3 — 5 Comments

  1. Nice to hear from you brother. I think every time I listen to a new MP3 from our Goddess it instantly becomes my favorite!! 🙂
    This one is certainly my favorite right now. 🙂
    TY for sharing.

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