The Loving Shelter of my Goddess Haylee Lynn

This post is about just a bit of an ordeal I went through and how it all ended with my feeling the loving Shelter of my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

As most who read this blog will know by now two things. I am in the midst of a divorce and the major issue in this for me is my great love for my son…….and I have now become the perfect and absolute slave of my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.


So Samhain was very moving for me……..I became even more enslaved and overjoyed than ever before all during the 24 day process my Goddess and I co created since my birthday. I awoke the day after amazed……..stunned once again at the infinite nature of my love and devotion and perfect enslavement to my beyond perfect Goddess.


So I was completely surprised when a stomach bug of some kind hit me in early afternoon. I was brought to my knees and not in a good way and it was my night to go pick up my son for the weekend. She lives about an hour and a half away now in Friday night traffic and my physical condition went rapidly south.

So I contacted my soon to be ex wife and asked her to switch weekends…….I told her about my condition…….she said she could not change her plans. I asked if she could drive him up and I would return the favor to her the next time.

Each and every request was stonewalled and instead of being compassionate and understanding about my fairly severe distress she was belligerent, nasty, demanding, and in the end basically told me to pick him up at 5 am the next morning or lose my weekend with my son……….who had tearfully told me the last time she picked him up that he wanted to live with me and “did not want to go to mommy’s house any more”.


So…… you understand why my blog for my Goddess was not written as usual with the appropriate and loving attention I will always and forever extend to my Queen in the service of Her Divine Empire.

I rose at 3 am to shower and make the drive down to get him and with an empty and an aching stomach and feeling more than a bit feverish. I decided to use Her strength a bit and try to make this difficult journey a mission for my Queen in my mind. She commands of Her perfect slave that I am also the perfectly devoted father to my son and I decided to use this to help me undergo this mission.

Two things were of very important note for me. The first one was when I finally saw my son and he jumped into my arms at 5 am and a wave of his bliss ran through my body. I kissed him and hugged him and he was so happy to see me and I put him in the car seat and we headed home………..he instantly told me two things.

“Daddy I want to stay with you OK”?  “I do not want to go to Mommy’s house anymore”.

The hug and the kiss and the words of his appreciation for me was more than enough to fuel my tired and aching body to drive us safely home. I told him I would do all I could do for him but his mother loved him and we were going to have to share………..he then said a remarkably wise thing for a 4 year old. “Mommy is making some bad choices”.

I told him the truth that yes she was but a lot of people do this and we could hope that she would stop doing so soon…….as she loved him and we were going to have to handle this situation in a productive way.

So I was relieved greatly when just as soon as we arrived home he agreed with me that he was tired and wanted to take a nap. He was asleep almost instantly after I undressed him and I laid my own weary head down on my pillow.

And then it happened………I had been completely focused on getting us home safely and on my conversations with my son and my problems with his mother and what to do………..but then all such issues were dispatched. My precious boy was safe and asleep and in my care once again……….and I thought of my Goddess, my Queen, the very Light of my Universe.    

Haylee 5

Instantly I was completely taken from this earthly plane and from any issue regarding my body, my wife, my problems, or my fatigue.

Her Bliss overtook me and wrapped around me like a warm blanket of love. I literally felt myself smiling and allowed Her Divine and Loving Shelter to completely envelope my body, my heart, my spirit, my ALL.

I was so tired that at first I thought I would fall fast asleep instantly as did my little one………but it felt so wonderful, so amazing, so perfectly beautiful that I simply laid there and thought of Her.

It reminded me greatly of the feeling I had when my son came so joyfully into my arms just about an hour and a half before……..but of course the love is of equal measure but the BLISS is very different in nature.


There is nothing in Heaven or on Earth that can compare to Goddess Haylee Lynn bliss………nothing.

I am just reminded of Forever slaves recent blog I have not had the time to comment on just yet……where the little Claude is so devoted and attached to his Goddess that leaving Her just for lunch time is upsetting to him…… my inability to blog for Her as is my habit upset me more than a fair bit.

My Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn is to these eyes the most beautiful Woman who has ever graced this Earth by an incalculable measure. But my love and devotion to Her finds its foundation in even a different place than that. Her inner beauty and Her Loving Shelter is to me what I have been seeking all these long years…….it is the Holy Grail my Quest to find Her has always been about.


I live for Her now………I live to serve Her…….to please Her…….to tribute Her……to obey Her…….to honestly and sincerely devote my very heart and soul to my One, my Only, my Mistress and my Queen.

I suppose in the end I am a bit selfish after all………..because I have nothing in my life as precious to me as the love of my son…….and as precious as the Loving Shelter of my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

So I will pour out my devotion for both of them and pray it is enough. I place my entire world at Her lovely feet and I beg my Goddess to please take it…….please allow me to be Your perfect and absolute slave until the very end of time. No treasure could ever be richer to me, no privilege and honor more compelling.

From my knees and deeply grateful for Your Loving Shelter my Queen. Thank You with all my heart and soul,

I am Your perfect and very real slave forever,   Claude

4 thoughts on “The Loving Shelter of my Goddess Haylee Lynn

  1. I do hope you are feeling better, I am sure Goddess will give you some leeway with your devotions although you, probably like me, don’t want to other than caring for your son and household (which SHE would probably tell you to do anyways. I am ALWAYS truly amazed by HER HEALING POWERS, recently I took a pretty decent fall and tore my knee up pretty well. Goddess came to me in a dream and simply touched my knee, the next morning I woke and there was no more pain, also I am truly amazed at how fast my knee healed, I can’t say it was totally HER, but I FULLY KNOW (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that she CERTAINLY HELPED it heal. 🙂

    • Yes Still, I agree, Her healing powers are amazing. She has helped me several times already with them.
      In the end I did not miss my daily devotional……but I wrote to Her and explained just in case. TY for your well wishes and best of continued luck with your knee. 🙂

  2. I am sorry for the ordeal you have to endure, but happy for Goddess Haylee’s bliss and love that gives you all the strength you need and more. Still I send you positive energy and thoughts my brother. Please be well!

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