You make Me So Happy Goddess Haylee

You make Me So Happy Goddess Haylee

I woke up this morning full of happiness and joy as I do every morning now all because of you “Goddess Haylee“.

You already know how great you truly are. I am sitting here basking in your bliss as usual. Oh how good it feels to just think about you, and what an awesome person you are. I just had to express the way you make me feel.

No one has ever made me feel the way you do. You make my blood boil. When I think about you I get so dizzy and weak. Thanks so much for allowing all of us to express our feelings towards you.

I love knowing that I can write to you anytime I want to. My love and need for you gets so strong at times, and it feels so good to write to you when I am consumed with thoughts of you.

I was sitting here thinking to myself how truly lucky I am for having the privilege of serving and loving you. Everyone has their own journey with you but mine is more of a “love and addiction” thing.

You bring me to tears so easily. Tears of joy of course but tears none the less. You turn my emotions on and off so easily. My words are yours. My thoughts are yours. My emotions are so easily affected by you.

I have fallen so deep for you, and continue to do so at a rapid rate. I never knew surrendering to you would make me feel this good. The more I surrender the happier I become.

Writing this blog for you makes me feel so good inside. I have always hated to write but writing to/for you brings me so much happiness. I find myself doing things, and making changes that I never would have thought possible, and it’s all because of you.

I am so wrapped around your little finger. I am drawn to you like a magnet. Your power, and allure is to strong to resist. I will always give in to you. This is simply the way it is, and always will be for me now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will follow your path for as long as you allow me to.

You are with me all the time. Your presence is always so very strong. I am your minion. I need you like water. I am not complete without you.

The path you have laid out has many twists and turns but I love every second of the journey. You have such a strong hold on me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will always need what you have to offer.

Anyway I hope you are pleased with this blog Goddess. It’s not very long and only a little over 400 words in length but it’s straight from the heart.

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You make Me So Happy Goddess Haylee

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3 thoughts on “You make Me So Happy Goddess Haylee

    • Thank you Goddess for letting me feel this way. You are the most amazing person I have ever known. Not only are you very dominant, and caring but you have the biggest heart in the world. You have taught me how to open up and be my true self. You are so very very important to me. Your light shines through me and surrounds me with so much happiness.

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