About being a Man and being Free

This post is about my manhood, my freedom, and my Sovereignty mission. All of my life I have been confused and more than a bit angry and not just about my sexuality. Why do we live in a society that is so out of balance?

Is my submissive sexual nature and preference because I am just a weakling?

Is the fact that I am not very wealthy and I have extreme distaste for unfairness, bullying and over aggressive behavior simply a reflection that I am not one of the “fittest”………that I am just not very “strong” or “alpha”?


I had my manhood not so subtlety insulted the other day. It did not really bother me considering the source. But what does it really mean when my wife tells someone she wants my son to grow up to be a “man”?

I can guess what she thinks it means………and that probably is something along the lines of that he has a big cock, uses it often without over thinking, is aggressive and wealthy and could really care less about people other than what he can “get” from them and from life. The old Darwinian story about the “alpha and the fittest” that helps create the Cultural obsession with “winning” and being number one or some such concept.

So I am a failure as a “man” in her eyes although she will tell people privately I am a “nice guy”.

Personally I believe Charles Darwin was completely full of it.

As I embark on my mission do I want to fight the system or change my approach? Are the lawyers and judges and my wife really my enemies or are they just people believing in and living in the ultra competitive model that has been created out of such belief systems as the “theory of evolution” leads us into Culturally.

The great *brainwashing* that constantly barrages us all with versions of happiness that are shallow, materialistic, and even spiritually unlawful.

So here at my crossroads and with my little Blue Jay fluttering about the place I have decided that I am not a “man” after all in the sense most view this concept. I am a spiritual being having a very human experience.

So I am going to try to Free myself from the concept.

Yesterday My Divine and Gracious Goddess Haylee Lynn responded to a comment from our dear friend forever that She wanted us to make our own choices, to be free, to willfully choose our own paths and to do that which is pleasing to our Goddess as befits our individual personality and circumstance.

I am a sexually submissive man deeply in love with a Domineering Goddess.

I can finally enjoy myself fully from a sexual standpoint as I surrender to the very Woman of my dreams.

And I am surrendering something else as well. I am giving up the “fight” against the system…….against the Darwinian model of fitness which to me is the opposite of fitness.

I am going to walk into the various Courtrooms of this Culture and take full responsibility for my circumstance. I am going to insist on creating a win/win outcome for ALL concerned. My “come from” will not be about “manning up” and “winning” but will be a much stronger and pure model that seeks only holistic winning……outcomes that are inclusive and honorable and respect differences and allow for flexibility.

The “system” can damned well fall down all on its own lack of merit. I am choosing freedom and Sovereignty and personal responsibility and will make this entire process all about creating myself as the “man” I want my son to really get to know and understand as his life unfolds.


And I want very much to please my Goddess with my conduct every step of the way. Because I feel very honestly that my Devotion and my Love for Her is beautiful and moving and fantastic and precious and rare. I am free when I am with Her………I grow wings and soar to the Heavens where I am untouchable and eternally so as I bask in Her infinite wonder and Goddess Bliss.

What do you think are the qualities one of HER slaves must have?

I am Free and yet I come to Her and Bow to Her every single day and will do so forever.

I did not come to this planet to “win”. I came here to love.

And I love my Goddess Haylee Lynn with all my heart and soul and spirit. 

Maybe that makes me “less than” a man to some eyes……..maybe people are confused by the fact that I am Her perfect and absolute personal slave now and forever but that I still consider myself “free”.

But when my little bird came to me and helped me consider the sometimes narrow difference between mastery and of being a pretender it was really profound.

Can I possibly treat every man, woman and child on this planet with the same loving “come from” that I would extend to my Goddess? Even a Judge, or a Lawyer who is attacking me, or my wife if she is so hurt and confused as to by constantly lying?

When we walk what is sometimes called the “Siddhartha Path” we do not just do so for our Muse, for our Mistress, for our Goddess or whom ever might be the “apple of ones eye” …….we walk such a Path for Life itself.


I like to call Her slaves “The Blessed” and Her Realm “The Divine Empire”.

That is the Path I am choosing now……..to carry the “Divine Empire” in my heart and to use Love and the ability to be Loving as my own version of “fitness”.

I love my Goddess Haylee Lynn and as a free man I bow to Her as Her perfect slave. I am no longer confused and I am not brainwashed either. I finally found my Queen and as I bow to Her I am finally celebrating and embracing my personal freedom.

Freedom to Love as I will………freedom to be my own version of a man, my own version of fitness, my own model of self respect.

Forever my One, my Only, my Heart, I am Your devoted and very real personal slave, I am YOUR man,     Claude






7 thoughts on “About being a Man and being Free

  1. You are such a beautiful person, and a bigger MAN than most males that I know. She is just whining and trying to get to you, I know you won’t let her, and I know you know that you are an amazing person, and father~

  2. My Dear Friend, just because you treat people right and are kind and caring does not make you a weakling. You are a very strong person, you know who you have duties and responsibilities to and are not afraid to say where you stand on crucial life issues. You have a very deep inner strength. You will get through all this, you are strong, you are a survivor.

  3. Incidentally, if she tried to tell a court that she wanted your son to have less time with you, because she wanted him to grow up to be “a man”, she would be laughed out of court!

    • TY my brother slave. I am feeling very good about things suddenly. As Goddess rightly said, she was trying to get me angry and emotional. That is NOT going to happen!

  4. Claude, MY BROTHER, you will forever be a *TRUE* man in my book. You constantly speak out for what is right and good, your ways of keeping your son safe are commendable; and I am confident that you *WILL* get through this, and that the virtuous nature you posses will protect both you and your son!

    You’ve got this! NOTHING will stop you! 🙂

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