Man with no prayer Pt1

Man with no prayer Pt1.

Pondering his life, a man named Maddox had grown curious about his future as many people sometimes do. So one day Maddox decided to visit a psychic. It was a small run down building with eerie large trees out front. The branches all appeared dried, broken, and dead. From the looks of this place the tenant must spend a lot of their time dealing with the spirit world, because they certainly don’t spend very much time cleaning the yard Maddox thought to himself.

Maddox approached the door hesitantly at first, but his curiosity drove him to keep going, as something inside of him seemed to urge him along and just as he was about to knock the door opened and there stood a small gypsy lady with a head dress. The jewel in the wrap shone in the light as she moved her head and smiled at her visitor.

Man with no prayer.

Man with no prayer.

“Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me my future” Asked Maddox.

“Well of course, my intuitions told me someone would be arriving just now” the psychic replied. “Just show me your palm”.

Maddox made a humming sound to himself “hmm, thats impressive. Lets see where this goes”. Maddox held out his hand and the psychic examined it closely frowning in concentration. At times her face looked constipated, while at other times she appeared to be squinting and looking at his palm sideways concentrating hard on what she was seeing in the dear lads future. There was a long silence and Maddox became uncomfortable. Suddenly the psychic reader went very pale in the face, whiter than a ghost and gave Maddox a very strange look.

“Is there something wrong?” Maddox asked nervously.

The psychic, appearing very ruffled refused to answer any questions and no matter how much Maddox begged the woman wouldn’t say a word. Maddox kept insisting but the psychic kept shaking her head and saying that the session was over.

Finally, when Maddox began to grow angry and was looking at the stapler in a very peculiar way as if he was going to pick it up at any moment and staple this woman’s face to the ceiling. This was a very serious matter to Maddox as he’d walked all the way over to this creepy place to have his fortune read, and now this woman won’t tell him what he wants to know. Being a psychic, the woman apparently picked up on this and finally relented. She took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote something down. Then, she folded the paper, and sealed it inside of a envelope.

“Do not read this until you get home tonight,” she said.

Maddox was relieved and stuffed the envelope in his pocket. He thanked the psychic and paid for his services. The two said their goodbyes, and Maddox went on his way thinking about the mysterious note and wondered what it could possibly contain.

In fact Maddox wondered so hard that as he crossed the road, he was still deep in thought. He wasn’t looking where he was going and walked right into the path of a oncoming car. The car driver hit it’s breaks just mere inches in front of him, but it wasn’t enough! The car slid and slammed into Maddox, tossing him in the air like a rag doll. His broken body bounced along the road a few times, finally coming to rest in a crumpled and motionless heap. A true butcher shop scene filled the street as people on the side walks scattered screaming and crying.

The police and rescue workers arrived and pronounced poor Maddox dead on the scene. While rifling through his pockets, looking for identification, a fire fighter came across the envelope. He opened it. The note inside contained a very cryptic, and strange message. It read..


Hypnotic Haylee Lynn

Man with no prayer Part 1 -Hypnotic Haylee Lynn

The fire fighter stood staring at the now crumpled up letter trying to decipher it’s meaning. His face grew pale! For whatever reason he did not submit the letter to evidence but put it into his pocket. But why? His partner walked over and tapped the firefighter on the shoulder.

“Find anything chief?” he asked.

“Uh, no not a thing. the kids clean” the fire fighter lied. “Good the ambulance is here. I think I will ride with this guy to the hospital.”

His partner nodded and as the ambulance loaded the lifeless Maddox into the back with a sheet over his face the firefighter climbed into the back of the ambulance as the doors shut, and the sirens blared.

Scene fades to black.

(Disclaimer: “Man with no prayer” is a work of fiction. I am not really dead nor am I in a spirit form typing this story. . . or am i? 😉

no prayer

Man with no prayer.

Thank you for reading “Man with no Prayer pt1”, and be sure to catch “Man with no Prayer pt2”

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