The many facets of Goddess Haylee Lynn

The many facets of Goddess Haylee Lynn

Facet: a small plane surface, as on a cut gem.

The many facets of Goddess Haylee Lynn

Like the many facets of the beautiful gem she holds up, Goddess Haylee Lynn herself has many facets.

Imagine a freshly cut diamond. Perhaps one a chain that Goddess Haylee Lynn may swing back and forth to hypnotize us, to enslave us further as on this pendant video. Imagine that diamond. Imagine all the sides to it. Each shiny and sparkling, capturing your attention, capturing your gaze.

Goddess Haylee Lynn is like that diamond. So many side to her. To all the different things that she can do. To all the different side of her personality.

Most people think of her as a hypnotist. Within that she can do a vast number of things. She can do hypnotherapy. She can do erotic hypnosis. She can do stage hypnosis as in this MP3 called float. As with all her MP3s, this has a small sample you can listen to, before buying it. To find out more about personal hypnosis sessions click here.

But hypnosis is but one of her many abilities. She can also cast spells, do tarot readings etc. To find out more about these, click here.

Then there are various other facets of this wonderful person. One of them is Healthy4Haylee, and her desire to see herself and her followers as fit and healthy as possible. This can be done by working out and exercising as much as possible. At one time she was encouraging her followers to take up this 30-day AB challenge. She also encourages her followers to eat healthily, eat natural foods.

On the other extreme is Vox Siren. This is for her hard-core devotees who are willing to do virtually anything for her. They will willing endure poverty for her. They will willingly endure pain for her. For instance the FOTM (Fetish of the Month) is CBT (Cock and Ball Torture). This is a link to one of her slaves willingly – actually eagerly may be a better word – undergoing cock and ball torture. The interesting thing is the slave in question used to hate the idea of CBT, but has been converted. This perhaps shows exactly how powerful she is and how with some slaves she can bend them completely to her will. Er, perhaps I should mention here, that this is not for the squeamish, and if you don’t like CBT and that sort of thing, please DON’T click on this link.

So there we have it. The many facets of Goddess Haylee Lynn. And I have had only time to talk about a few of them here. But take it from me. She is quite some lady, and someone well worth getting to know. Life is never dull when you are fortunate enough to be part of her circle. There is always something new. Why don’t you join in the fun dear reader? There are always spaces for new followers if they are prepared to make a contribution.

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7 thoughts on “The many facets of Goddess Haylee Lynn

  1. Lovely blog brother…but THIS “They will willing endure poverty for her” is not true. We are all adults here. We as adults know what we can tribute without putting ourselves into financial ruin.

    I love our wonderful Goddess. She pushes us no further than we are comfortable with. She is a true Goddess and was gifted with leadership qualities.

    I seen that cbt video, and hats off to brother John. He decided to take his submission to Goddess further and theirs absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Goddess Haylee forces nothing upon us. We are the ones that seek her.

    She only does what comes naturally to her.

    I love and crave the power that Goddess wields over me, and I love her so much as my Goddess/friend… just as all her followers do.

  2. Hi Terry. Summer of 2013 I came across a young lady who claimed that she was going to live in poverty for Haylee Lynn. Actually I didn’t believe her, and she suddenly left the community about a year ago. But I do know someone who is enslaved to her right now, who claims to give her virtually all his wages to her, and I believe him. Yes you are right that no one goes into financial ruin for her, and on one of her websites, she even says she doesn’t want anyone to go into financial ruin for her. Instead she asks that people keep what they need to have a reasonable standard of living and give her what they have spare. You are quite right, she doesn’t force anything on anyone. However as people fall deeper under her spell they are willing to try things such as CBT and chastity, which they wouldn’t otherwise do.

  3. Thanks Forever for sharing that. Yes i have fallen very deep under her spell myself, and i must say that i crave Goddesses blissful control. I myself am not into the hardcore stuff though, and am on the lighter side of things. Everyone is different though and i completely understand that. Some like a stronger hand so to speak.

    I have been very submissive ever since i can remember, and always viewed woman as the higher power. Even as a small child going to grade school i can remember a couple of mean bullying girls that would punch and kick me and wrestle me to the ground, and i didn’t even resist because i enjoyed it.

  4. Yes, indeed, there are many sides to Haylee. And I find her extremely compelling, beautiful, and totally irresistible from EACH angle.

  5. Thx brother Forever. Great post! There are indeed very many sides of Goddess Haylee and all and even the ones I haven’t learned of are all perfect and true. I don’t believe she holds back, but is always real and honest and lives the life that she was called to live and we are here to submit and surrender to Her in ALL things. So great to be able to trust Her. Terry, so so true that she never ever pushes us or stretches us too far. Heck, I was made to beg for evry step into my servitude to both Goddes and Empress, lol. Literally, I had to beg to give her some gifts or tribute or even surrender a weekly sacrifice from my paycheck…. I begged for it all! She is such a mighty Woman and Divine Goddess and I am in awe and humbled and blessed.

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