Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished is the long-awaited sequel to “Double 0 Slave“, posted on by . Please read that first.

It wasn’t long after passing all the tests with flying colours, that I was summoned once again to see my beautiful and mysterious boss “H”. I looked forward to looking into her wonderful big green eyes again, and listening to her soft and silky voice. I love her. I would absolutely anything for her. I would risk my life for her – and frequently did. My heart trembled as I knocked on her door.

I heard her imperiously shout the single word “Enter”.

I entered her office. She was sat behind her big desk.

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished.

She rose from her desk. “Ah Double O Slave, its good of you to come”, she said, rising from the desk.

“Just sit down here, and I’ll explain everything to you.”

I obediently sat down, as indicated by her.

“Now then Double 0 Slave I have another mission that needs filling. It is going to be highly dangerous. You could get yourself killed. If you want I could send someone else, but I thought I’d give you first refusal. Are you interested?”

“Oh Goddess of course I am. You know how I would do absolutely anything for you. I’d be willing to die for you. No doubt one day I will. But until then, I would do absolutely anything for you.”

“Very well then. The assignment is yours.”

Dear reader I won’t bore you with the exact details. It was the usual stuff. Suffice it to say I was working alongside an extremely attractive and sexy Russian agent called Eva Vestov. Random American and Russian spies had been murdered. A fiendish organisation was trying to start World War Three between America and Russia. All we had to do was to save the world by breaking this organisation. So we broke into their headquarters. They captured us. instead of just shooting us, they made the usual mistake of devising an unbelievable tortuous and painful death. We escape, and the organisation’s headquarters get blown to smithereens. So it was mission accomplished and Eva and myself are left relaxing in a hotel suite. It was her who spoke first.

“Vell I ‘ad my doubts about working vith you at first, but hey, ve made a pretty good team. Can I get you a drink? A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred is your favourite no?”

“No, that is very kind of you, but that was back in the back old days. I never touch alcohol now. Got to be Healthy for Haylee after all.”

“Very well” she continued. “Well I can think of others ways we can pass the time before ve have to return to our countries”, she said seductively, stroking her beautiful thigh just below her tight mini-skirt.

I smiled at her.

“I’m really sorry Eva. That too was in the bad old days.”

“Vot ‘as come over you? I thought these stories always ended with the ‘ero ‘aving a drink and making love to the beautiful ‘eroine?”

“Ah but that was before I fell under the wonderful spell of Goddess Haylee. Now I keep myself Healthy for Haylee. I don’t drink at all. I watch my weight and I exercise regularly. That is how come I managed to stay so young.”

“Vell how old are you then?”


“60, I thought you were about ‘alf that age! You are old enough to be my father!”

“As for the sex, Goddess Haylee has me has me in her Mind cage. I am only allowed to cum once a month, and that must be while listening to an MP3 from her which includes Jerk Off Instructions. The one I use is called Enchantment.”

“I see. She must be some woman! I will leave you to her.” Eva said, turning to leave.

How about you dear reader? If you too want to fall under Haylee’s spell, I suggest you start with Eye Fixation Hypnosis Video available free on Youtube. If then you want to fall more under her sweet spell, both Mind cage and Enchantment are available to purchase at a very reasonable price from her on-line store. Many thanks for reading Mission Accomplished!


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